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Oct 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Took out Gene today . Great weather day, but slow again today. We did do a little better than yesterday. We boated about 10 fish today and Gene caught his biggest a 7.64 pound. He has been coming to Falcon for several years now and this was the first time I had the opportunity to fish him. His equipment was a little light for these fish as he had a couple double his rod over but he did not get a hook in them. I lost another toad today myself , but I stuck here right under my trolling motor and she headed to a bad area and I tryed to turn her and I pulled the hook out. We fished cranks early and not a bite so we went to soft plastics and Jigs. Hell I think I will use dynamite tomorrow.

Oct 30, 2012

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Took out Gary today. We put in at the county ramp and worked our way all the way to the dam and back. It was a little windy today at time but got real nice late in the day. We both had a bad day with only 3 fish put in the boat. We got enough bites or Hits but they just would not commit to the bait today . We threw everything at them . I did loose to nice fish , but i really think it was the way the fish were taking it today. I will be back out there tomorrow giving them hell.

Oct 28, 2012

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Took my wife and her sister out today . We road all over the lake just to see what was going on in the Bass Champs tournament. While we were eating lunch and the boat was drifting , I could not stand it so I threw out a c-rig and handed it to Sheretta and it was not long till she caught this nice fish. That is about all the fishing we did. I am taking Sheretta and her sister Nona out for a real fishing trip tomorrow, Nona is from out of state and she only has a lis for Monday. The Bass Champs tournament is in the books and Charlie and Bubba kicked some but with 45 plus pounds I predicted it would take 47.83 to win . Congrats to them for a great win. On a bad note there is a controversy going on about , the big bass winner not passing the polygraph test. Hope we will get a clear understanding as to what went down with this. Bass Tournaments are taking a hit with this kind of stuff, That is the second time this year that Bass Champs has had to disqualify a person for not passing a polygraph test. We all do not know what happened and we might not ever know , but I really hope the truth comes out for everybody’s sake. I would advise everyone to be patient and see what comes down. Me and another guide was quick to defend a fellow guide when , the doubt about catching two 12,s in a week and that it might be suspicious , and before any polygraph was giving. I have been attacked for doing so. I for one would take that stance again for anybody that gets publicly accused of cheating before it is known that he or she was. I just wonder that if he had passed the test, what would have been said. Well we all know now that he did not pass, but we still do not know the details . I hope that Bass Champ gets to the bottom of this as quick as they can and not try to sweep it under the carpet. Bass Tournaments are just like every other sport and this stuff happens all the time . We as fellow fishermen have the right to know and they need to come forth, explaining what went down………………….

Oct 26, 2012

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Took out Steve and Keith again today. We had decided to fish close to the county ramp and when the front hit come in . We caught several fish and a few nice ones , but we missed more than we caught . We got to fish till a little after 11:00 and haulded butt to the ramp. We caught about 15 fish before the front .

Oct 25, 2012

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

Took out Steve and Keith today. Today was nice for the most part with some wind but still fish able. We put in at the county and went south , staying on the Texas side all day. We had a good day for what has been going on, but I think they had real big expectations. We caught an 8.01,7.59, 7.32, Two over six and three over 5 pounds and about 20 small fish. I did not get a picture of the 7.32 as a boat came in on us and I slipped the fish out before he ran up on us. I do not know if he seen me catch her or not but he came right behind us and than started fishing right beside us. There were not very many boats on the water so this was not called for. I have them tomorrow and we are expecting a north wind to hit so I will have to see how bad and go for there. Keith said well maybe we can get on some big fish tomorrow . I sure hope so LOL.

Oct 23, 2012

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Took out Jeff and John again today and again the wind blew but not as hard as yesterday. I took a picture of John’s fish a 4 pounder , take note that before yesterday he had never caught a bass before so he was proud of everything he caught . I caught two over 5 pounds and we all caught a bunch of fish but all under 4 pounds. The bite today was a different one for me and we found it by accident. I was retying a bait and the boat was drifting and Jeff and John caught a double. I said well hell lets try this again and so I moved up and we drifted again and this time we had a triple. We were on to something. We did not catch any big ones but we went all over and fished a place regular and if we did not get bit , I would get above it and drift over it and boom we all would get a hit or catch a fish. Now I did not plan on this being one of my styles but hell it worked better than anything else today. Besides I got to kick back a little and just watch today.

Oct 22, 2012

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

I took out John and Jeff today . I am late with my report because I lost all trolling motor power about noon today . So I changed all my batters out ,after I got off the water. John is holding the first bass he has ever caught and what a fish to be your first and nice 8 lb 2 oz pig. We caught a few more nice fish in the 4 to 5 pound range but with this wind and my trolling motor I did not want to blow 50 yards off my spot to snap a picture unless it was big. Jeff did loose two nice fish on the crank bait . We boated about 15 fish today and tucked our tail and came in. The wind was just brutal today. I have them again tomorrow and hope we can catch a better day for one thing I will not run out of trolling motor. Note If you want to come to Falcon and I am booked I have two guides that I can set you up with . They both are on the water all the time ,locating fish and will do you a great job. I also am booking trips to Sugar Lake , if you want a lake that is great and has very little fishing pressure give me a call or contact. This is also a time when Falcon has a bunch of guides come down for their part time guide season on Falcon and this is ok, but please use one of the full timmers if you can, We are the ones that live here and put our time in year around. Here are the ones to call first. Jim Edwards , Jim Beinken, Jay Greshaw, Gary Harlan, Robert McFarllen . We are all listed on Falcon Lake Tackle’s Guide link on their web site, and we all want and need your business. Falcon is still fishing a little tougher than it has in the past, but you still can grind it out and most days catch at least a 30 pound bag, Go do that on any other lake day in and day out.

Oct 20, 2012

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Took out Gary and his son Quin today. Being Sat I knew the lake was going to be busy. We got out early and ran south hitting a point I thought we would do good on . We got bit right away but Gary lost the best fish right at the boat it went about 6 pounds or so. We caught a few but on the small size. Mid morning I ran across to Mexico only to find boats where i wanted to fish so we hit a small hump off the beaten path and Garry caught a nice 5 plus on the Hammerhead jig on his first cast with it. I lost a big fish on that spot as well. After that we headed back to Texas just to see what was open and we found a few places . Quin took note of the Hammerhead Jig bit his dad got so he tied one on and right away he nailed his best fish of the day a heavy 6 pounder. We worked our way back north and when I seen a place that had room to fish I stopped. Gary got on a good crank bait bite and although he lost four good fish at the boat he did manage to get some nice ones in. I let them crank and after a while I picked up the Hammerhead Jig and caught a 9 pounder on the first cast with it. We did not just smoke the fish and by Falcon standards it was just fair. We caught about 20 fish and had a best five of 32 pounds. I am going to let Wally take them out tomorrow as I need a rest.

Oct 19, 2012

Friday, October 19th, 2012

After a rest for a day I took Jonnie and Bishop out again today. We headed south only to find another boat on the spot I wanted to fish or should I say close to a spot on a spot. I had to just dink around the area till he left and even though it was late morning we still caught some nice fish off of it. Two over 8 and one over 7 and a few 4 and 5 pounders. After that we could not find the bigger bit with exception Bishop got one on he did not turn. We only caught about 20 fish or so today. Really a tought day for Falcon standards. We came back north and found a nice algae bloom going on .

Oct 17

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Well I could not post a report yesterday , due to problems with my site. So I am combining Jonnie and Bishop two days in one report. We did ok both days with 25 fish the first day and 30 fish today. We had a pig yesterday that went 10.85 and Bishop caught his personal best today a 9.36 . Jonnie and Bishop had a $50 bet on big fish and Bishop won but Jonnie had his chance. Shortly after we weighted and measured Bishop’s fish Jonnie hooks up with an absolute monster . He took his time and got the fish to the boat , I was ready with the net and just out of reach she made a last ditch jump and came off. This fish was just a pig, We were all sick for a while after that. The weather has just been great these last two day and we took full advantage of fishing alot of spots. ┬áThe most fish we caught in one spot has been five fish . The fish are just not stacked up, so I am moving alot when I can. Note if you want to or have tryed to contact me , my contact page is not working right now so please email me directly at