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Sept 28, 2012

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Out with Allan and Mark again today for their final day of Five. We got a little revenge on these fish today. It helped as the tournament director let us go out before the tournament boats went out and it paid off as I was able to get on a good spot. I guess nobody was fishing it because no one came in where we were at. I had not fished or even looked at it because we had been putting in after the tournament went out so I just assumed boats would be all over it. In fact we did not have a boat around us all day. We caught about 25 to 30 fish today and Allan waited till the last day but he caught his personal best a 7 lb 9 oz . These guys were great to fish with and they did it right a five day trip. I was probably a little hard on the tournament guys about killing fish, and If I offended anybody I am very sorry. The only thing that would have helped was to have a holding tank to re-cope the fish in and I know you are still going to loose a few fish, but the tank will help. Next time guys give me or James notice and we can get you a tank.

Sept 27, 2012

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Out with Allan and Mark again today. We changed it up a little and threw a spinner bait early. I caught a nice heavy 6 pounder and on the way to the boat a bigger fish was trying to take it away from her. We fished around there for a few min but she did not eat. We headed south after that just to see what we could get on that did not have a tournament boat on it. Alot of good stuff was open but we could only catch small fish. Finally Mark caught a couple of nice fish. So again today we had three good fish , my fish not pictured, and a bunch of rats. If we were fishing the tournament we would be doing well, but for a guide trip this stuff is not up to par. We will give them hell again tomorrow as this is their last day.

Sept 26, 2012

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

Out with Allan and Mark again today. We put in later , just to let the tournament boat get off the ramp. The wind was up today but not as bad as yesterday. I tought we were on them as I caught a nice fish right off the bat. Little did I know that that was going to be the pattern . We could catch one or two on a spot and than fish it for an hour and not get bit again. We really worked our butts off and although we caught about 25 fish we only had three picture fish. Notice the gar marks on the first one pictured . I have see to much of this I wish we could get rid of some of the gar in this lake, they are really to thick and they eat the hell out of the bass. We fished a little later today and as we got to the boat ramp we were met with a bunch of floating fish from the tournament. This is pathetic as it was only a three fish tournament and it was not that hot today. With todays live well system there is no excuse for the loss of fish that I saw at the ramp. What a bunch of no careing people from out of state. A few dead fish is ok but this shit was stupid.

Sept 25, 2012

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

Well so much for a plan to fish open water today. With the forecast of gust to 30 I decided not to run far today and just duke it out with the crowd. We did get on a spot and it was holding a bunch of fish up to five pounds and we were catching them pretty good . Soon though a couple of boat were circling us like a couple of buzzards. And as you could expect as soon as I pull off here they came . I drove back by the spot just to see what they would do, it had no effect as I expected. I would be em-barest to say the least. We left the area for the buzzards and headed north to some protected but murk-ed up water . We caught a few small fish flipping the hardwoods and called it a day early. Hope this wind will let up . We boated about 20 fish again today most on the first spot. No big ones , but most of the fish we caught on the buzzard roost were nice 3 to 5 pounders like pictured.

Sept 24, 2012

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Well It was sure great to0 get back on the water today, It has been a long three weeks. I took out Allen and Mark today I have them all week as they flew in from Maine. It was really a nice day most of the time and we covered a bunch of water. Mark lost a nice fish early and then it was just small fish for a while. I kept moving out and finally we hit some nice fish in about 18 to 20 foot on soft plastics. I did catch a 6 lb 3 oz on a Hammerhead jig. Mark caught a 6 lb 7 oz ,and a 5 lb 8 oz on the same spot. With a nosey boat moving in on us I pulled off and went to another spot. It was a good move as we got another 9 lb 10 oz and a7 lb 2 oz on the crank bait. Really it was a slow day with us only catching about 20 fish today and our best five was 34 lb 14 oz I think I will be a little more productive tomorrow as I did not get dialed in until late as I have been off the water for three weeks.

Sept 21, 2012

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Well while I sit here at the house Wally took Jonnie and Mike out for me today. The weather was just great as It has been all week I just hope it is this pretty next week as I finally get back to work Monday. Wally and my clients had a killer day today as they started out the day with a 10 lb 7 oz caught by Mike and a 8 lb 11 oz by Jonnie Wally had a big 7 pounder and than the big fish slowed down a bit. They caught about 30 fish today and later in the day Jonnie caught another fish over 7 pounds. They had about 39 pounds with there fith fish about 5 pounds, They just needed one more big one for a great bag today and Wally had her on, but she kicked his butt and went the other way. Come hell or high water I will be on the water Monday. It has be three weeks at the house and I am ready.

Sept 19

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Wally took today and yesterday for me again and here are just a few pictures of some of their fish . Both days were 25 to 30 fish with about 30 pounds each day for their best five. I do not have all the details as of yet but I do know that yesterday , soft plastics and today was crank baits. Just a reminder . If you are planning a trp to Falcon , Look at renting the bass shack for your place to stay. It will sleep six in their own bed and the place has it all. The schedule is on this site . If it is rented it will say the word House in the date. Six beds, two baths, Fully stocked kitchen, outdoor grill , Big screen TV, wireless Internet, Washer, Dryer , Ice Maker, Covered parking for two boats , plenty of parking for three boats. We rent it out , two night min $100 for two, $125 for four and only $150 for six. If you have any questions about the place ,Contact me threw my contact page .

Sept 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

I was to take out Jonnie today, but I went out to test the waters yesterday,just to see how I would hold up . Wally and I put in and with the wind forecast ,went south to the clean water. We found the bite to be a little tough starting out, but to our defence I fished nowhere that I knew was holding fish . I wanted to find some places out of the beet on paths. It took a while but we found them and they are stacked. The only problem with this is that I overdid it and after 7 hours on the water I was dragging. I got home and man I had to be flat on my back , till I got up today. Wally had to take Jonnie out for me because I am not ready to go. They should slay them today as we really found out what was going on yesterday. I will add to this report after they get in today. I think I am going to give it another week and try it again. I found out that I do not heal as Fast as I used to.

Sept 14, 2012

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Wally took out my clients for the day as I am still not ready to go. With a full week next week I did not want to chance it . Like yesterday they were in good hands as you can see from the pictures they caught some really nice fish with the biggest being a 9 lb 9 lb and the next an 8 lb 8 oz. Wally had Marcel and Roy. They caught about fourty fish today most all on the crank bait again today. They had four big fish and a 4 pounder as their fifth fish and still had a 34 pound stringer. So the majority of their 40 fish today were 4 and under. Still this is a fun day on Falcon.

Sept 13, 2012

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

Well I wanted to go today but my body said no so I had Wally take out my clients today. Tim and Kevin were in good hand with Wally and he really put them on some nice fish. Wally was in my boat and He got a taste on how good it was in rough water today. They caught most all there 30 fish today on the crank bait and had about 30 pounds in there best five. 7 lb 7 oz was there biggest but they caught a bunch of fish over 5 pounds. He will have to take them again, because I am still not ready yet.