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June 30, 2012

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

Off today after a very hot week on the water. We had four out of five good days on the water. We had a quit a few 5 to 8 pounders with only an 8 lb 5 oz the biggest for Teds trip. Most all of our better fish came on the crank bait. This lake is going to need some water in it before to long as we are seeing alot more pressure this year than the past few years and the lake is fishing kinda small. If you are planning a trip to Falcon make your reservations early as The Guides and the motels will fill up. I have posted some pictures of the Bass Shack that we rent out to anyone that wants to fish Falcon. This place has it all and is real affordable especially if there are 4 or 6 people . Rent is $100 for 2, $125 for 4 and $150 for 6. I have the schedule of fishing and the rent house on my schedule on my site. If I am guiding it will say booked if the Bass Shack if rented it will say House. So make your reservations early and get the dates you want.

June 29, 2012

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Out with Ted his last day of five . We fished hard all week and did ok. We did not get the DD in the boat , but we had our chances a couple of times. We went after the big bite today and did not worry about numbers at all. so we stayed deep all day. We cranked and tex rigged all day long and when we got bit if was a good one. We lost three very nice fish today and seen all three of the all 7 to 9 pounds or so. We caught about 20 to 25 fish today and our best five was about 36 pounds. I have the weekend off and I am ready after 5 day of over 100 and light wind.

June 28, 2012

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Out with Ted again today. Today was our slowest day of four only catching about 25 fish and boating just two over 7 pounds. We really got on a good crank bait bite early and after that we went to an area that I have been smoking them flipping. we fished it two hours without a bite . I guess the drop in lake level has finally moved them. We went back out deeper and started cranking and started catching fish again. Ted lost a couple of nice fish on the crankbait. We only had three of the color we have been smoking them on and after we lost our last one the bite was off. We stacked up on plenty of them for tomorrow and plan on cranking all day.

June 27, 2012

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Took out Ted again today . Ted lost another monster on the crank early she just pull off. He caught a long skinny 7 lb 12 oz a little later. Mid morning we hit the trees and started catching a bunch of fish but not any size and then Ted flipped in the right spot and caught a 8 lb 3 oz . We got enough of the flipping done for the day and went back to cranking a we caught some quality 5 and 6 pounders. We caught about 40 or so fish today and only had about 33 pounds for our best five.

June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Took out Ted again today. It was a hot son of a gun today. With no wind it was brutal out there at times. The only thing that made it ok is that we were on some good fish. We only caught about 35 fish today but most were very good quality no monsters although we had a chance at four today. Two we saw and two w did not get the chance. to see. Ted had on two fish today that he could not turn one broke him off the other just pulled the hook. My two were on cranks and we saw both of them as the jumped and threw the hook. We caught our fish on Crank baits , C-rigs and flipping. 7 lb 13 oz was the biggest but the others were not far behind that. If you are planning a trip to Falcon I have a great place to stay. The Bass Shack. It will sleep up to six people and has everything you will need. Covered boat parking, Big Screen TV , Wireless internet, Fully stocked kitchen, outdoor grill Gas or wood. Washer and dryer, etc. The rates are very affordable as well. $100 per night for two, $125 for four and only $150 for six. This is alot better than a motel as your boat will be out of the sun and weather and safe . Look at my schedule for open dates as it will say House if it is already booked.

June 25,2012

Monday, June 25th, 2012

Took out Ted today the first of five days just him and I. We headed south and our first stop did not produce. I had to make a small adjustment and we started hammering some quality fish. We had several today that we did not handle but that is Falcon for you. We did not catch the numbers today but when we got bit it was quality. Cranks were our best bait today but we caught them several different ways. I lost one of the biggest fish on a crank today that I have had on a crank bait in two or three years I do not think she was record class but she was one that I would have like to have found out. I know where she lives and I will make it a plan for us to get here before Ted goes back to Kentucky

June 22, 2012

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Took out Jonnie and Mark again today. We got on the lake early as I wanted to chunk an buzz bait, it is getting time for that . I caught one about 7 pounds on the buzz bait and one small one and Mark lost a nice fish on it. Jonnie was tex rigging plastics and he hook up on a monster fish and it just bulldogged him and broke off. I had an idea and wanted Mark to throw a spinner bait, we were in that type of water. I looked all over the boat and found one and tied it on and Mark wore them out on it. Jonnie and I were catching a few but Mark was catching a ton. and big ones too. I tore everything out of all the boxes and could not find another one and Mark was not giving his up. We had a hell of a day on good size and numbers with over 50 fish today by 2:00 pm.

June 21, 2012

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Took out Jonnie and Mike today. We had a really fun day today. The weather was nice and cool and calm for the most part . We had to dodge the rain a few time , but this keep us on the move and we found a bunch of fish. We caught them on about everything today. Cranks , Tex rig, Jig etc. We did not have a Hugh stringer but somewhere around 34 pounds I did not weigh any today , but we had two over 7 pounds and some heavy 6 pounders and a butt load of 4 and 5 pounders. Mike is a guide on Ivie and does catfish trips on Ivie and choke. He wanted me to let anyone that is interested that he will be here on he Falcon Lake July 1,2,3 and if anyone is interest in a guided catfish trip  he will take you out for your limit of catfish for $300 per day. He furnishes everything and will clean and bag you fish as well. Let me know and I will book it for you with him. This is a one time offer as he is only going to be here during that time. This price is for up to 6 people as well, what a deal for some good eating fish.

June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

Out with Bob and Tom again today I had them with Wally yesterday while I took out Jonnie and Mark. As always it was windy again today. Not wanting to fight the wind with them today I went in the Salada and stayed in there all day. We did not do any good cranking so I had to hit the bushes and we started catching fish. Bob broke a big one off right off the get go. We did land to pictures but man we lost some nice fish . If you have not hit a big fish in the trees , you do not understand how damn strong and fast they are . We had a few today just treated us a little bad. I am back out with Jonnie tomorrow and I think the forcast is for some lighter winds I am sure ready for the main lake after today.

June 19, 2012

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Took out Johnnie and Mark today. It was a windy bitch today. We got off to a little later start than I wanted today, and we found the fish eating when we finally got to them . The problem was we did not have very long on them before the wind got to bad. Mark got his personal best a 8 lb 3 oz and we had some nice fish to go with her. After that flurry it slowed down quit a bit and we just got one here and there or where we could fish . I lost trolling motor at 1 pm and we called it quits.