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Mar 31, 2012

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

I had the day off if you can call it that. I spent all day in my Jig shop getting the new Hammerhead Jigs ready. I have been working to get this jig on the market for about 5 months now and The Hammerheads are here. I will be adding to my product page very shortly. These Jigs have a tremendous amount of feel and feedback when you are dragging it on the bottom. I have also put a Trokar hook in them and this one is a cross eyed hook. also these jigs have 3- D eyes for that little extra when a bass sees them they can not stand it. I will only sell these jigs in a 12 pack or 16 pack on my site, and only in five colors and 1 oz in size. Falcon Lake Tackle is going to have them as of April 1 st and they will be packaged in packs of two, for the guys that only want a few. Falcon Lake Tackle will also carry my Football jig the Outlaw Jigs so next time you are in there take a look at them.

Mar 30, 2012

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Took Steve and Jo Ann out today. It was nice as it gets today. Little wind and not really that hot. We started out with a bang just catching a fish on almost every cast. They were on the small size but still big enough to be fun and besides It let me get Jo Ann in tune with the bit and the hook set, well she got alot of practice and it really paid off when I moved out deep on a bigger size fish. She laid the hammer to them later in the day and caught some really nice fish a 7 lb 9 oz and a 7 lb 12 oz . I did not forget about Steve in the back as he got in on the action as well with a nice 7 lb 8 oz on the crank. Jo Ann progresses so well that I let her through on of my 1 oz football jigs in the Watermelon Red color and she caught the 7 lb 12 oz on her first cast with it. We did not have a big stringer about 34 pounds but we caught over 50 fish today.

Mar 29, 2012

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

took out Steve and Rob again today for their last day of three. I decided to fish what I call local water or where all the locals fish most of the time. the Salada and Veleno. I have done this a few time and have learned that these pressured fish need to see something a little different and like last time we hammered them. Rob lost another absolute monster again today right off the Bat. He did ok on his next cast and caught his personal best crank bait fish on 8 lb 5 oz. Five cast later he looses another fish about the same size at the top of the water. Steve had not caught a really big fish all trip and was not having a good day, well all of that changed in a big hurry as he stuck and landed his lifetime personal best a 10 lb 2oz monster of a fish. He is going to get a replica made so we measured the fish and she was 26.5 in by 19 in. Not a mark on her as she was pre spawn. he also caught a 7 lb 11 oz just a few min. later so this made his whole trip. Rob on the other hand had a trip to remember as he hammered the big fish all three days. These guys best 15 fish for three days went 125 lb 15 oz over an 8 lb average .

Mar 28 2012

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Took out Steve and Rob again today. The wind was up early so we hit some protected bank and did pretty well. but up in the day the wind let up and I hit main lake like a duck on water. What a great move it was too. We smashed the big fish today as you can see by the pictures . I had a bunch more pictures but not room to put them all up. We did not again have a monster stringer just a good one at 43 lb 10 oz but we should have as when you are on fish like this you do not land them all. Rob lost an absolute monster of a fish and on his next cast caught one that went 9 lb 7 oz and he said this one is not that big. He also caught a 9 lb 11 oz pig as well. Steve caught several in the 6 pound range but never got one of the big girls in. I did good as I had an 8 lb 12 oz but I got my butt kicked as well. the fish were not taking the jig very deep today and they would get to the surface and throw it. We lost 5 more big fish at the top today that would have really helped our stringer , but that is how it goes sometimes, you cant land them all . Rob had about 40 pounds by himself today as he had another fish go 8 lb 2 oz and a 7 lb 10 oz . All of the best five stringer fish were caught on the Outlaw jig in the Watermelon Red color , better get you some.

Mar 27, 2012

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Took out Bob and Steve today. We had a little wind to deal with but it was just manageable and we did put the hammer on some real quality fish today. Not a monster stringer but a good one at 39 lb 14 oz . Anchored buy an 9 lb 11 oz and a 9 lb 1 oz . We had several fish today over 7 pounds and one more over 8 . Steve had the Falcon Gods mad at him today as he had several big fish on and the just , well let us just say that they really mistreated him today. He did get one to the Boat that was about 8 pounds but she came off about a foot from me grabbing her. We boated about 40 fish today and Most on the Outlaw jig , today in the Wat, Red color . The 9 lb 11 oz came on the crank bait. We stayed deep on the post spawners and we will do the same tomorrow. Note I messed up on the pictures a little and got one in there twice , but I think you get the Idea of what we were on. Too many to redo the post so I just left the pictures like they were.

Mar 25, 2012

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

I did not guide today but Wally, Sheretta, and I went out to do a little scouting. It was a real pretty day, and we took advantage of it and went all over the lake. Wally pictured is one of the Guides that I book trips for. We got up in the trees and did a little flipping and Wally got this 8 pounder. Later we decided that since Wally bought some new RPM Rods and one being a cranking rod, he wanted to go catch some crank bait fish and , man did we find some. I did not take any pictures of any, but better than that I got quit a few on Video. I will try to have it up in a few days as I have not shot any video in a while, but I have been so busy that I could not get the time to shoot any. We had a good day and came in early. The Lake for the first time in several months has started to drop a little. We are setting at 281.09 down form a high of 281.29 about 5 inches. Most everything with any size has been post spawn and for the most part the spawn is over, but this is Falcon and there is always a few spawners on the bank. That is why Falcon is such a good lake because you can catch them from 1 to 50 foot on any given day.

Mar 23, 2012

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Took out Eric and Ben again today and as yesterday we caught a good day. We could fish anything on the lake today and that is just what we did. We caught them and caught them big everywhere we went. We would hit a spot and as soon as we caught a few and they quit we would leave and go to another spot and do it again. Differant than yesterday we stayed alot deeper and caught allmost everything on the Outlaw jig and In the Bream color. We boated over 40 fosh today and had two over 9 pounds and three over 8 pounds and several in the 6 to 7 pouind range. Ben had the biggest one on but did not put her in the boat. The first two pictures are of both sides of this 9 pounder I thpought she was really pretty with the black spots aqnd black tail. All the other pictures are of differant fish. I normallyput a side shot and a long shot of all the good fish but we had too many today to do that. Just to let you know , NOW is the time when you want to come to Falcon. The weather is going to be alot better , the fish are getting mostly done with the spawn, the lake is not as busy, should I keep on naming reasons you sould come OH the fish are eating , they have their mind off of SEX. I  am booked Threw June , but I have some dates left in July, Good news for you is that even though I am booked I have three other Guides I can put you with and They are all three very good and fish Falcon almost every day. Also if you have not tried my Outlaw Jig find someone that has and you will get the idea that you need some. Do not say a jig is a jig because they are not The Outlaw jig and the colors I have are hard to beat on Falcon. Also my new Hammerheads are just about ready to go up for sale and The only place you can get this jig is from me. I and two of my other Guides have tested It and beleive me it is unreal how good it is. Contact me or call me if you want to go fishing and I will fix you up. Just so you know I get no compensation from Tim, Wally or Gary for booking trips for them I do it because they are good local guides and I beleave the they need the support, because they work their butt off to make sure you catch fish and have a great time. They live here and will be here year around .

Mar 22, 2012

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Took out Eric and Ben today. The wind was a little heavier than forecast but we managed to fish main lake anyway. We got off to a slow start only catching a few and one over with two over 6 pounds. About lunch we made a move and an adjustment in what we were doing and , Wow we just hammered them . We caught way over 50 fish , probably 80 but who was counting. We did not have a big sack but we had five that went about 39 pounds. We all had some nice fish today. Ben caught his personal best a 7 lb 14 oz and Eric got his Biggest ever on a crank bait a 8 lb 9 oz and I had one over eight as well. Most all our fish came on DEEEEEEEP Cranks .

Mar 21, 2012

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Took out Les and Mike today and finally we had a day that I could go fish this lake from one end to the other . I have been waiting to do this as I feel like most of the big fish will be getting in a good post spawn pattern and the main lake is where it is at for me. It payed off in a big way , not that we had over a 40 pound sack is that I got a good feel as to what these fish are doing and what it is going to take to make them eat. We boated about 40 fish today and really I fished mostly totally new water for me as I know where some good fish are and I just ran that same pattern on the rest of the lake and guess what , it worked.

Mar 19, 2012

Monday, March 19th, 2012

Took out Shannon and Kenny today. Of course we were met with the regular winds. We did manage the wind good enough today to catch a bunch of fish . We did not catch any monsters but we caught a bunch of good quality fish up to our biggest a 8 lb 9 oz post spawn-er. I broke a big fish off today trying to horse her ,because she was fairly shallow and I thought I need to . I know she was big because after I busted her off she came out of the water shaking her head back and forth for a while trying to get that Outlaw Jig out of her mouth. We probably boated about 40 fish today give or take a few.