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Jan 30, 2012

Monday, January 30th, 2012

Took out Harey and Ricky again today for a real short trip we were off at 11 am . As yesterday we dic not catch a bunch of fish but we caught two giants a 10 lb 1 oz and a 10 lb 5 oz Harey”s lifetime personal best. And guess what it was caught , in fact both 10’s were caught on My Outlaw Jig , this time the bream color. We left the fish bitting because they had to leave. If you have not tryed my jig, that you are just being hard headed , they will not only get bit big , with that Trokar you can bet you are going to stick her and put her in the boat. Ricky and Harey both are getting a replica of their fish Ricky 12 lb 4 oz caught on outlaw jig , falcon craw , Harey 10 lb 5 oz caught on outlaw jig , Bream.

Jan 29, 2012

Sunday, January 29th, 2012

Took out Harey and Ricky again today and it was very cool early, well we really did not warm up much all day. The fishing was fun today, but the catching was slow. I told Ricky well if you only catch a few and one weighted 12 lb 4 oz lifetime personal best that it kinda makes the day ok. This fish was a beast she did not have a mark on her and she was 27.5 X 21 . Ricky is going to have a replica made and He caught her on one of my Outlaw jig in the Falcon Craw color. He had another good fish off the same sopot and I lost a really big fish there as well. I caught a 7 pounder eariler on the crank. We did not catch many fish today.

Jan 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Took out Harry and Ricky today. North winds again . We went ahead and busted some big water and did pretty well early before the winds got to strong. All our fish came on the Jig again today. We only caught 15 fish today with a couple of really nice fish although most all 15 fish were over four pounds. Hopefully we can get a little less wind tomorrow as I want to fish main lake .

Jan 27, 2012

Saturday, January 28th, 2012

Sorry about no report, but I have been off . I had a group come in and we hit the water about 1 pm and by that time the wind was just brutal. I busted some water and went south only to find that the lake was muddy all the way to marker 6. So with little Time to fish we hit Pierces. There were boats and more boats on every point. We got in line and caught 10 or so with Rick catching a couple of nice fish nothing to brag about . We will have a full day tomorrow but guess what a north wind. That is this time of year , Front, Front , Front . Something I have notices floating around , Dead fish. Please do not keep these fish in you livewell, just to get a picture of you holding up a stringer of fish. Now if you catch a double thake a picture etc and let them go. These big fish can not survive beeing banged around in the well just so you can show your buddies how good you are.Take a picture and let them go , I everyone did that it will start taking it’s toll on this lake so please take care of this lake. and protect her resorceses. Do not be a dumb ass with our bass.

Jan 25, 2012

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Took out Tim and Lynn today . We were met today with some pretty stiff north winds. I made it South to a pocked that was protected a little from the wind and we got started with the crank bait. It was a little slow but we started catching a few and a couple of nice fish. Tim lost a really big fish on the crank that just pulled off as they were not taking the crank in their mouth. We had caught about a dozen when I snapped a cable on my trolling motor. After that the day went to hell. I got a rope out and tied up in a few places but nothing great and we caught a few more ending the day with maybe 15 fish . We spent the last hour or so just me showing them how to really use electronics, I think they will buy some soon. I even found something I can not wait to get on, It is going to be so good. I did get my troling motor fixed thanks to James at Falcon Lake tackle.

Jan 24, 2012

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Took out Mike and Earnest today for a Falcon Lake Guide Trip. We got on the water a little late for my early crankbait bite and It did not work so we went to my deeper Jigs fish and did the fish ever eat the jig like they ate it today. I told Them as we went to the ramp today you had to be firm with the hookset on these fish as they would jar you when you hit them . We were on some big fish and Mike had landed a 9 lb 1 oz and a 9 lb 0 oz back to back. I stuck an 8 lb 15 oz and Earnest hit one and the it jared him so hard the rod went flying into the water . We got it back and I told him to be firm and hold on to my rod that it was $600 . The next cast he hit another big fish and this one jerked it out of his hands again and this time I nearly did not get it recovered and when we did the big fish was still on it but came off. Earnest got a rope and tied it to the rod and to him and I told hime I would get my knife ready when the fish pulled him in with the rod tied to him. He did not beleave me and about ten min later he set the hook on this fish and held on for dear life and the huge fish came to the top and came off, She was an absolute monster 13 pounds plus. I told him tha tthat was probably a good thing as she was going to hurt him. Talk about hert. I caught a male fish I bet was clost to a record fish for a male I would have liked to have certified him. This fish I let Earnest take a picture with and you can tell by the length and girth and head that this fish was a male It even had the male lower jaw. 100 % sure it was a male and it weighted 8 lb 8 oz I thought that I was not ever going to turn this fish and when I finally did and came at me and I knew it was not going to stop so I backed my drag off a little as she went by the boat and he ripped drag for fifty yards after I had faught him from thirty yards the other way. By far the meanist fish that I have ever had on and landed. The tail on this fish was as big as both of my hads put together. We boated a bunch of fish today 100 % on the Jig. The Outlaw Jig. You need to try them.

Jan 23, 2012

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

Took Scott and Todd out for their last day. It was overcast and foggy today as well but not as thick. We put in at the county and headed south to main lake. We caught a ton of fish today on cranks and jigs. Scott got a nice 7 lb 12 oz on the crank, but all the other big fish came on the Jig. We kinda lost count on how many we caught today but it was at least 60. We kept on the move catching fish everywhere we went . I think if we could see some sunshine this lake would get good LOL. If you are planning a trip to Falcon and looking for a guide and you have looked at my schedule, you know that I am full. This schedule is for me, but I have three other great guides I can get you with, so that you will get someone that lives and fishes Falcon every day. There are several people down here right now guideing while it is busy and I know some of them are good, but I still believe that the local guides shoud get your business . They are the ones putting in the time all year and work hard even during the slow times.  We will be here when all the implants are gone. So with that said if you want to book a trip I can make sure you get with the right guide that will work his butt off for you day in and day out. Contact me off this site or give me a call 325-439-6045

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Fished Scott and Todd again today. the lake was real busy again today I guess I noticed it more because I could see today, do to less fog. Anyway we had another good day catching sever fish and some really good ones . A 9 lb 4 oz was the best put in the boat today by Todd, But I think Scott is still throwing up as he lost a fish of a lifetime. He had her on for a while and she decided to come up and jump and when she did she came off in mid air and broke Scott’s heart. I have see several 13 plus pound fish and she sure fit the bill. We had just boated a 9 lb to compare her too . All I can say she was huge . Todd broke a big fish off as well but we did not get to see her but he was just hanging on and she broke 25 lb Floro in open water. We caught a few less fish today than yesterday but stilol I will take it. All our fish came on the Jig today, better get you some.

Jan 21, 2012

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Took out Scott and Todd today. It was so foggy you could cut it with a knife. We made it to our spot , but it took a while. I got a big fish on on my first cast , She came up and give us a look and she made a turn toward a tree and I had to try to turn her before she got there and the hook just pulled out. We got several fish on early but we did not get many of them in the boat. After the crank bait slowed down we went to the Jig and Todd got the first bite. This fish hit close to the boat and went under it . I knew it was a good fish but she shot out and up from under the boat and we all saw her as she tore the hell out of Todd’s equipment and came off. She had to be over 12 pounds. So we ost a Ten and a Twelve . We finally started putting the fish in the boat after they realised how mean these fish were and started being firm with the hook set. We went back to where I had lost the 10 pounder and Todd get her on or a fish just like her and she jumps and throws the hook. We catch some more and than finally the fog started clearing up and we went deep with the Jig and just hammered som big fish 9 lb 11 oz For Scott his Personal best. We caught about 50 fish today and had a great stringer but I can say for sure if we had laded just what we got to see we would have been well over a 50 pound sack today. What a hell of a lake.

Jan 20, 2012

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Took out Bishop Miller and Arch Bishop Gregory again today. The agenda today was to teach them how to catch big fish on a jig. Well we started with the crankbait just to get the day going and the fish did not let us down. We caught several nice fish on the crank early. As soo as that stoped we went straight to the jig and on our second stop we hit the mother load. It was one big fish after another up to 9 lb 3 oz. We boated about 40 fish today.