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Dec 31, 2011

Saturday, December 31st, 2011

I took out Donnie and Sara again today. This of course was my last trip for the year 2011. This has been one hell of a good year for me . It started out with me getting the Falcon Lake record a 15.63 just monster of a fish. I had some great guide trips this year as well. I want to thank everyone for giving me the opertunity to fish with you. Well back to today . We went south again only to see the area where I have fished the last couple of days just loaded with boats, this would be fine if people would quit hoarding in on you. I have never seen such rude activity. I would be emberased if I did this. People just do not care I guess. Now I am only talking about the few , most have a little edicut, I know my spelling sucks but so what You get the message I hope. Donnie and Sara caught over 100 fish in three days not great but not bad. Today was the slowest but I decided I had enough of the crowd and move to some water that nobody was fishing after lunch and we caught some but nothing big. IF you are wondering about the lady with the monster fish, let me tell you about it.First of all the ladys name is Yvette Esparza and the fish weighted 11 lb 11 oz. Raual her husband called me last night and wanted to know if I had any of my jigs he could buy. I first told him I was sold out but could get him some by Monday. He said he had heard that they were catching the fish by some freinds that had baught some. Also he had brought his wife and he was going to take her out. I told him to come by I would get what I could form my stash and get him at lease a few jigs. I had some but I only had one of the Falcon Craw and I let hime have it because we had just whacked them on it that day. He must be nice because he let his wife fish it and first thing she caught a fish of her life . I tell you, you better get you some I will have plenty to ship out Tuesday.

Dec 30, 2011

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Took out Donnie and Sara again today. I started the day with a first cast heavy 8 pounder. I for a while thought that that had jinxed us. We went a while without a fish . I moved to another spot and Donnie hooked up to what we thought was a wall hanger , sure enough it was but just a differant breed. This Blue went 28 lb 12 oz and he caught her on a Bass Candy monster worm. We made a big move to some more water where there were not as many boats, this lake has been covered up with tons of boat and some that do not mind moving in on you. I have never seen this kinda crap on Falcon that much so I am not likeing it very much. Well I had talked to Tim the other guide that I book for and he was a little slow as well so I told him where I was going and if he would fish some stuff before he got to me and maybe he would find something on the way. We had started catching a few and Sara had caught a nice heavy 6 pounder but still not what I wanted. I could see Tim fishing toward us so I gave him a call and he said that he had just hit a spot and had caught Three fish, so I went to him and , man we started whacking some good fish. It sure was good to have someone else on the water today. Tim is still off limits because of Bass Champs Guide rule but when he gets that tournaament won he will be ready to take you out. So call me or email me and I will get you hooked up. If you do not have my jigs I think you are missing out LOL. Most all our fish came on the Jig.

Dec 29, 2011

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Took out Donnie and Sara today. Today was just a pretty day and we took advantage of it and went main lake just hopping points and had a pretty good day. We caught 36 fish today and most were good quality and almost all on the Jig. Sara caught the biggest , a brute that weighted 9 lb 3 oz she had another toad to go with that on. Donnie caught a nice fish also. We all caught several 5 and 6 pounders I just did not take any pictures of them.

Dec 28, 2011

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Took out Mike and Theo today for a Falcon Lake Guide Trip. I know it has been a few days sence I have posted, but I have been busy. My Jig is real popular and I have been building them like crazy , but still can not get caught up, But thanks for all the orders I promise you they will be the best you will ever throw. back to the fishing. I took Mike and his boy Theo out yesterday as well and we had one of them days that nothing went right. We had our chance at a monster sack and we could not put them in the boat for some reason our equipment did not hold up. I changed all the rods out with new line and we went today to get some revenge. We did not catch a monster but we caught a bunch of great fish. The weather is really nice and the boats are everywhere. For you that have not been on my new product page , take a look I will be adding some good stuff at a great price very shortley.

Dec 21, 2011

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

I had to leave a day early to get my boat in for service as my dealer is not going to be open Friday, so I had a friend ( Tim ) take Dewayne and his seven year old son I think his name is Jeff but that is not that important as wow what the little man caught. It was a cool day but at least the wind did not blow and this allowed them to go out on the main lake. As I said yesterday I am out till the 27th for the Christmas break. I had mentioned earlier in my reports about my product page , Well it has appeared on my site and it looks great , man the guys a do a great job and do it quick. Now I hope it works as good as it looks . If you order off of it let me know by email for me to make sure all the kinks are out and it is performing as we want it to. I will be adding the other great products a little later once I am sure everything is perfict with the product page.

Dec 20, 2011

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Just to let you know I am off until after Christmas. I will be back on the water the 27th. I really want to thank everyone for all your support this year as I have been very very busy. I have a full schedule already booked for 2012 and look forward fishing with some regular clients and also some new ones. I have a lot of new stuff comming on line on my website this comming year and I have been testing the waters with a few things. The response to my new jigs have been overwhelming at times , but do not get me wrong , if you want them I will find the time to make them. I did cut a great deal with a Rod company and will be offering them on my site as well. You will be able to pay online for products as well as for your guide deposits. This will make it alot easier than sending a check. The lake fished as well as I can remember if fishing in a long time . The high water sure did help this lake. For the ones that fished it in the early 90’s know how good this lake is when she stays full for a while. I would love to see her fill up again, but it does not look like it will happen for a while. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thanks again to everybody I had the pleasure to fish with this year and look foward to fishing with you again this comming year. What a great year it has been!!!!!.

Dec 18, 2011

Sunday, December 18th, 2011

Jigs, Jigs, and more Jigs. I have built a ton of jigs the last couple of days and have them ready to ship out. As you can read by my reports my clients and I have been doing very well on them. I have really dialed in the colors that work the best here on Falcon and I bet they will work on you lake. I have posted the picture of the five jigs I am producing and now you can pick what color or colors you want in the 12 or 16 pack. Also I have produced the brush jig in all the same colors Both the Football and Brush jig are available in the 3/4 oz and 1 oz sizes. The only thing is the 1 oz Brush jig has a mustad 6/0 hook because the Trokar only comes up to 5/0. Every other jig I make has the Trokar in it. The 12 pack is $60 plus shipping and the 16 pack is $80 plus shipping. Now you can pick you own colors and size, for each pack . Example: 16 pack 4 perch , 4 bream , 8 crawfish. Etc…… The fishing has been a little up and down, due mostly, for me anyway, because of the weather. These Falcon bass do not like it cold. The water temp for the most part on the lake is around 60 degrees. The fishing respond to the warm days we have between the cold fronts. the longer it stays warm the better the fishing gets until another front hits us. That is the name of the game this time of year. Hit the weather right this time of year and you will smash them hit it wrong you will not do as well, but still better than anywhere else in the US. I know if you have looked at my calendar that I am full , and I want to thank you for that. I still can get you on the water with a good guide , and sometimes I have dates , do to a cancelation that I do not change on my calendar so please still contact me with the days you want and let me go to work on fixing you up. I Book trips for a couple other guides that are very good, and I promise you will be totally satisfied. I am also introducing a product page on my site , to make it easy to purchase stuff that I sell. I will have some great products, that I use, on this site at a very, very low price . All will be top notch equipment and products that are proven to work and hold up to these Falcon Bass. Watch for it , it will be ready very soon.

Dec 16, 2011

Friday, December 16th, 2011

Took out Jonnie and Mark agin today. The weather went to hell on us. We braved it anyway and caught a few fish. I did not take but a couple of pictures today. We had a couple more nice fish but with the weather I did not get the camera out. We boated about 20 fish today all on the Jig again. If you have not ordered you some jig s yet you need to get it done. I have my new Brush jigs ready now and if you like to flip , than this is the jig you need. I have them in 1 oz and 3/4 oz in the five colors shown above. The 1 oz will not have the Trokar hook in it but I have put the best heavy wire mustad in it. The 3/4 however has the Trokar in it. I will package these the same as the other jigs I have a 12 pack  for $60 , a 16 pack for $80 I have 5 colors as shown from left to right Watermelon Candy, Perch, Bream, Crawfish, Falcon Craw. They all are proven colors on Falcon.

Dec 15, 2011

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Took out Jonnie again and amark his brother in law flew in last night and joined us today. It was really pretty early today and the fish felt it and were on the bite. As you can tell by the pictures we whacked on them today. I quit taking pitures of fish under 7 pounds as I had more than I could post anyway. The Jig tore there butts up today and The two dark colors were all they wanted , Falcon Craw and Bream. We ended up catching about fourty today most all before the front blew in. After it cooled off so did the fish.

Dec 14, 2011

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Took out Jonnie again today. Today we had to deal with a little wind so we stayed in the river and the Salada today. As yesterday it started out a little slow , well for me anyway. Jonnie caught 6 fish off the first spot and I did not get one. We left there and went looking around a bit but really did not do very good catching one every once in a while. I had a place I wanted to hit later in the day so about 1 pm we headed that way. It was holding a ton of fish and we caught several , but we were getting bit almost every cast. They were not eating the bait. We hooked up about 1 out of 10 bites and when we did it was a good one and they had the jig all the way down their throat. My Jigs caught all the big fish today again.