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Nov 29, 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Well I was back at it today after a week off. I took out Chris and Ray and we put in at the county and headed south to the Tigers as they did not want to fish Mexico. The water temp was down in the 60’s today a good drop from a week ago. My first place did not produce so after a couple of hours with no luck we headed on back to a spot in the back of Big Tigers. My first cast produced a chunky 5 pounder and both Chris and Ray missed a fish. My second cast produced another heavy five pounder and Chris and Ray were having a hard time hooking up. We were on to something. I was putting fish in the boat but they were still having trouble. After I had landed five I moved across to the other side and tied up because the wind was up just enough that They were having a little trouble getting a hook in them. The bite was very very light and if you were moving any at all you would not feel the bite and then it was to late. They did better after we tied up connecting and landing a few. We boated 11 fish there and the biggest was a heavy 6 pounder. The bite just quit and so I decided to go on back and see if any fish had moved way back in the pocket.Chris caught one in the back but it did not seem that to much was way back yet. We ended up catching 18 fish today a very poor day for me and what I have been doing. We were to go today but decided to take a wind check do to 24 gust to 35 out of the north.

Nov 26, 2010

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Well I hope everybody got plenty to eat yesterday for Thanksgiving. I know I was miserable. Lubbock is to cold for me. As I write this it is 16 outside. I checked the weather in Zapata and looks like the front made it down there last night. It always seems like when you get a long weekend, mother nature kicks in and says maybe you should stay home with the family. It looks like tonight will be the coldest it has been at Falcon this year with a forecast of 31 tonight. This should take the water temp down another notch or two and put it in the sixties and keep it there. The last time I was out it looked to me as the big girls were pre staging up for the most part and the river end was ahead of the lower end as usual. I will be back Sun as I have trips starting Monday. The pictures above are of our Thanksgiving feast before I left. It looks like some serious stuff was being discussed.

Nov 21, 2010

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Well I took out Richard for a trip the last one of a bunch in Nov. Thanks to all for the great support of my guide business. I am taking a week off to go see the kidos. I will be back to work Monday the 29th. I told my wife that the fishing is so great that I really wanted to stay and man did I get that look. She must have put the voodoo on me because I really struggled today. The wind blew hard but I am not going to use that for the problem. We just could not get the fish to eat. We caught a few but lately I have been whacking some big stringers and plenty of them. I did have a little trouble with some tournament anglers from Mexico moving in on me. In fact I had one see me catch a fish and put his trolling motor on high and make a bee line to me, He came right up to me and got right behind me at my marker. I did not want to fish the spot in front of him so I pulled my marker up and before I could crank up he like to ran into my boat to get on the spot I had marked. These guys do not have and etiquette at all. I report the day as it is on my report and today I sucked. If you fish long enough this will happen, even Falcon is not automatic. I did call 3 people I knew was out and also ran into the couple I had out yesterday and they were fishing where we caught 39 lb 13 pounds and they did not do any good at all. I finally went to the thick stuff and we caught some but I got ahold or should I say they got me because what fish we did catch were way back in the middle of the thickest stuff you could put a bait in.

Nov 20, 2010

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

Took out Randal and his wife Tawney today for a Falcon Lake Guide trip. Man was it nice today, and the big fish were eating early as we or should I say Tawney was just hammering them. She lost her first three and I made a hook change for her and she started sticking them and getting them to the boat. Randal was kind of stuck in the back of the boat and she took advantage, but both of us was wanting her to catch them and boy she did. She got here personal best today a nice 9 lb 6 oz and that fish is pictured twice in the eight above all of the other pictures are of different fish. She almost had all of the five fish stringer today but I caught an 8 lb 11 oz to kick her smallest fish of 6 lb 8 oz and we ended up with a five fish stringer that went 39 lb 13 oz. I hooked a monster today and she stayed sideways for twenty yards and then she came up out of the water by the boat and we all at least got to she here she was way bigger than the 9 lb 6 oz that Tawney caught I will say she was in the 11 to 12 pound class, I am glad I got to at least see her but I would have loved a picture and a weight and for sure we would have went over fourty because our smallest in the string at that time was a 7 lb 1 oz that ,you guessed it Tawney caught. Randal did catch some nice five to 6 pounders but they did not make the big show. We boated about 30 fish today and had four under 5 pounds.

Nov 18, 2010

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Took out Don and his son Stuart today for a Falcon lake guide trip. I ask them if they wanted numbers or to fish for a bigger bite. The big bite was on early as Don caught a nice fish a nice heavy 6 pounder on his first cast. Stuart caught one on his third. We did not just hammer them as I had the boat where only they could throw on the spot. Don got the hook set down but Stuart had a little more trouble getting the hook in one. We ended up with twenty but we really had our chances. Don and Stuart both got their personal best a 9 lb 11 oz and a 6 lb 5 oz . Don lost one late at the boat that was in the 9 to 10 pound class, but that is what keeps them comming back.

Nov 17, 2010

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Took out Jimbo , just to go with me to scout out some more water, We kinda got on a fish catching pattern and went and tryed it in several places on the lake. We kinda hammered the fish today nothing big, but the water I was fishing was quite a bit shallower than I fish. Anytime I take out Jimbo he keeps count and likes to weight anything that looks five pounds or better. We weighted 6 or 8 and he kept count. I finally told him that we would go in when we reached 100 and he said that would sound like well we caught a hundred today so we decided to quit when we reached 101. We caught and landed our 101th fish a 1:08 pm and came in. We did not catch but a few over 5 pounds but we also did not catch but 3 or 4 under 3 pounds. This was fun for a change for me but damn did we use up some plastic today.

Nov 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

I was off yesterday so no report. It was nice yesterday and I would have liked to have went out ,but my boat need some service. I am going out scouting a little later today and will update this report later. The fish (big fish) are on the move and when you get into them it is unreal, as you can see in my last few post. Alot of people are whacking them on spinner baits, but I have not thrown one yet. I feel that the big bite is still with the soft plastics or jigs in deeper water. I have caught a bunch of toads lately and all have come deeper. I know that catching fish in numbers is fun but I will guarantee you catching numbers of big fish is more fun. UPDATE: I told you that i went scouting today to find some more fish so that is what I did. I looked for the shallower fish today and man did I find them I bet Steve and I caught a hundred today , nothing big but a few 5 and 6 pounders but a ton of 3 to 4 pounders. If you like catching numbers I got that covered as well.

Nov 14, 2010

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

Took out Jose and his son Joe today for a half day trip. We found the weather nasty, hell I like to have froze to death. I am not used to it yet. I think the fish were cold too, because we found the bite to be a little tough. We finally figured a few out and ended up with two nice fish a 8 lb 4 oz that son Joe caught and an 11 lb 12 oz brute that Jose is holding that I caught. We ended up catching about 15 fish today with our best five going about 31 pounds as you can see we did not have much to go with the two big ones they weighted 20 pounds.

Nov 13, 2010

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Well what can you do when you take someone out on the first day of a two day trip and catch a 45 lb 8 oz stringer before lunch. Well you take him out again after he had a day sitting in the room because I had another commitment , and catch 49 pounds even before lunch. Roger had a trip of a lifetime our best ten fish in two days went 94 lbs 8 oz. As the pictures are worth more than words. I new we were in for it when we started fishing and we got three doubles in a role all quality fish. I only have room for so many pictures in my report so all the rest of the pictures will be in my gallery. I took pictures of about twenty fish over 6 pounds. The last two pictures one of him and one of me is the same fish and she deserved it because she went 13 lb 8 oz. I caught her but Roger had a 10 lb 3 oz his Personal best and another that went 10 lb 1 oz. An 8 lb 1 oz and a 7 lb 3 oz topped out our best five that went 49 pounds even. I pulled off the spot at 11:30 to not expose it because of the weekend traffic. We caught 26 fish of of it and had two under 5 lbs. We for sure could have culled the 7 lb 3 oz because the last three bites we got were the big three that went 33 lb 12 oz . Did I tell you I LOVE THIS LAKE. After I looked at my post pictures I put the 13 lb 8 oz picture of Roger  and left the 7 lb 3 oz he caught , but all the pictures will be in the gallery. I just wanted to make it clear that I do not put the same fish up more than once but a 13 lb 8 oz she gets special treatment. Also I want to let everybody know that I do not beleive in share lunker program so she is swimming. She measured 27 ” long and 22 ” girth.

Nov 11, 2010

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

Took out Roger from Fl. It was a real windy day but Wow is all I can say. Roger learned why you leave Fl to fish Texas. We had a massive sack today. We also had the best double I had this year a 9lb 14 oz and a 9 lb. Roger caught the 9 lb 14 and I had the 9 lb. The 9 lb 14 was Roger’s personal best. All I could do was fight up on the spot We would catch one and I had to take a picture and weight the fish. After about a dozen I quit taking pictures of seven pounders. I caught a 10lb 3 oz and Roger caught a 8 lb 15 oz and he also had a 7 lb 8 oz to make a five fish stringer of 45 lb 8 oz. When the wind got bad enough that it was hard to hold and Roger had a little trouble feeling the bite I as him what time it was and he told me it was 8:50. I lost two more good fish and Roger lost 5 on that spot, but we landed about 20 and only one was under five pounds and it was a good heavy 4 pounder. He is fishing with me for two more days. I hope the wind blows LOL.