Sept 19, 2014

September 19th, 2014

Another long practice day on Texoma. Today we tried to expand on the pattern we found yesterday. We did a lot of running , looking for the same deal. We were able to find two more spots like yesterday and they were both holding keeper fish. I wish we knew the lake better , but it is what it is. We will go with the 5 spots we have and plan on rotating them back and forth both days. The keepers we caught the last two days were at least not dinks , we might have had a 3 pound average. I think that it might take 35 pounds to win so we need a little luck catching a kicker fish. I had one yesterday that would really help so I hope to get one like that in the tournament. I will let you know how it goes.

Sept 18, 2014

September 18th, 2014

Well first day of practice went ok. Billy and I think we got on a little pattern late today and we caught some solid keepers. We also caught a lot of sand bass and strippers today as well. We will expand on our pattern tomorrow and hope the weather holds up thru Sun. I will let you know how tomorrow go.

Sept 16, 2014

September 16th, 2014

Sep 16 001 Sep 16 002 Sep 16 008 Sep 16 009 Sep 16 010 Sep 16 011Well back from Sugar Lake. I got a last min trip to Sugar from an long time client of mine. Mike and Emile came down on the spur of the moment from Lake Charles. Mike normally flies in to Zapata in his plane , but with the weather we had he jumped in his car and drove. We hit Sugar early Monday morning, met with a north wind and overcast and misty skies. Also Sugar is really catching some water it was up over 2 feet since is was there last week. Monday was a grind , as we only boated 19 fish for the day. The overcast and new water had the fish on the move and they were not bunched up on spots like they have been. Late in the day it started to clear a little and the sun popped out a little and that is when we caught the most of our fish on Monday. Today however it started out clear and the fish responded. Mike caught an 8 pounder early and we were getting quit a few bites. I lost two really nice fish on the crankbait. Emile caught an 8 pounder not to long after Mike boated his. The only problem with the day was that we had to get off the water at 10:30 am as they had to get headed back . I sure was trying to get them to stay as we left the fish biting like crazy, that was had for me to leave . I head to Texoma in the morning for the Platinum tournament. Oct is starting to book up so if you want to came down , get in touch with me. Like stated in this report Sugar is catch some water and it is going to just make it better .

Sept 12, 2014

September 12th, 2014

20140912_190654_resized 20140912_182727_resizedAnother fun day on the water with Jay. Jay and I went out on a mission today, a little different from yesterday. Our wives got together and ordered up a fish fry. That meant a trip to the dam and catch some eating size fish. Folks let me tell you again, Falcon lake is just full of pound to 2 pound fish. I can not even tell you how many we caught, but the number is staggering. People talk about catching 100 fish a day on a lake in Mexico, well you do not have to travel that far and pay that much to catch 100 fish 1 to 3 pounds with a good one mixed in . Both Jay and I believe right now on a good day that can be done here . The deal going right now is if you want numbers you fish for numbers If you want quality you fish for less numbers , bigger baits and catch a better quality fish. Yesterday we fished for a big bite and we damn sure got them , it was just one of the days Jay and I did not put them in the boat, but we had our chance several times. The weather looks dicey for tomorrow or we would be right back out there. Well the fish was great and we put a dent in it as you can tell. It is always great to have Jay and his wife and kids over.

Sept 11, 2014

September 11th, 2014

sept 11 014 sept 11 015I gave Jay a call this morning and we hit the water to do a little scouting. Also we are working on a video. I have not used my Gopro latley and the battery was not charged and it did not last till we finally got on the bigger bite. We did get the big bite later in the day. I did get a little video early of some fish and we are going to continue tomorrow with the video efforts , with a fully charged battery. I do have some video of Jay calling his shot on a big fish and beleive me he called it right , but got his ass kicked and she broke him off. I thought he was going to eat his rod for a min. Folks this  lake is in great shape on the amount of fish she has in it. As of now you can still catch some big fish and a good numbers of just fish. Our future looks off the chart. We are going to hit it hard tomorrow and I hope to have the video up tomorrow as well.

Sept 8, 2014

September 8th, 2014

Here is a little video that Dustin Shot on Sugar lake with me last week . I thought you might get the idea of what is living in these waters down there.

Sept 2, 2014

September 2nd, 2014

Aug 31 023Aug 31 012Aug 31 016Aug 29 039Aug 29 034Aug 29 018Aug 29 026Aug 29 009Aug 27 039Aug 27 037Aug 27 033Aug 27 029Aug 27 007Just a recap from last week on Sugar Lake. Here are just a few of the big fish that my clients caught on Sugar lake last week I had three different groups come enjoy the fantastic fishing on Sugar. I read a post on the TFF last night saying Picachos was the best Lake in Mexico. Now I have not been there , but the word out on Picachos is that you can catch 100 bass a day, but you might have a 3 pound average. That is great fishing and I understand that that is fun. For me and the clients that I fish . I have the belief that they are paying me to catch quality fish and big fish. Sugar is a lake that you will catch 30 to 60 fish a day and the average is going to be 6 pounds plus. That is not a guess , that is what my boat has produced on that lake 95% of the time . Than you have to look at the price difference to fish Sugar compared to Sugar  I get $500 per day and the rooms are $100 per night . This last week on Sugar produce 4 DD fish and 10 more over 9 pounds and you cant not even keep up with the 6 to 8 pounders. Just scroll back and just look at the pictures from Aug till now . Most every fish pictured on the reports are 7 pounds and up. Folks this is just my Boat. I really think Picachos will be a great lake if it is managed correctly, in a few more years . It is a new lake and needs to grow up for a bigger average. I am no knocking the lake , so if you want to catch 100 2 to 3 pounders , it is the place to go If you want to catch 30 6 to 10 pounders now Sugar is you best lake in the country to do that. Sugar is a big lake compared to Picachos and there is absolutely now pressure. I was the only one on the 44,000 ac lake until Sat and Sun. and than there were less that 8 boats both days.

Aug 31, 2014

August 31st, 2014

Aug 31 001 Aug 31 002 Aug 31 003 Aug 31 004 Aug 31 005 Aug 31 006 Aug 31 007 Aug 31 008 Aug 31 009 Aug 31 010 Aug 31 011 Aug 31 012 Aug 31 013 Aug 31 014 Aug 31 015 Aug 31 016 Aug 31 017 Aug 31 018 Aug 31 019 Aug 31 020 Aug 31 022 Aug 31 023 Aug 31 025 Aug 31 026 Aug 31 027 Aug 31 028 Aug 31 029 Aug 31 030 Aug 31 031 Aug 31 032 Aug 31 033 Aug 31 034 Aug 31 035Just back from Sugar Lake. I had a full week this last week of Aug. I had three different trips and they all were great. I took Darrell and Andrew this Sat and Sun to wrap the week up . This is Darrell third trip and Andrew’s second trip with me to Sugar this year. The weather the first day was great , but today we had a little wind to deal with . We caught 50 fish the first day and 28 fish today. We had such a great first day , we decided to hog hunt a little deeper today for the first 2 or 3 hours and well it did not take long as Andrew caught his personal best a 10 lb 2 oz brute of a fish. It was before 7 am and I had to put it in the livewell for 15 to 20 min so it would be light enough to take a good picture. What a way to start the day. This fish was Andrew’s second personal best on Sugar Lake . He caught a 10 lb even on his last trip. We had a best five 40 pound bag both days , but today Andrew had one by himself. Andrew and his dad had a little bet today, well I will just say the Darrell is a little light in the back pocket after today. Aug had come and gone and what a month it has been. Folks it just does not get much better than the way Sugar is fishing right now. The bad thing is I have no trips booked down there for the next two weeks, so I guess I will just go whack them by myself. Somebody had got to do it.

Aug 29, 2014

August 29th, 2014

Aug 29 002 Aug 29 003 Aug 29 004 Aug 29 005 Aug 29 006 Aug 29 007 Aug 29 008 Aug 29 009 Aug 29 010 Aug 29 011 Aug 29 012 Aug 29 013 Aug 29 014 Aug 29 015 Aug 29 016 Aug 29 017 Aug 29 018 Aug 29 019 Aug 29 020 Aug 29 021 Aug 29 022 Aug 29 023 Aug 29 024 Aug 29 025 Aug 29 026 Aug 29 027 Aug 29 028 Aug 29 029 Aug 29 030 Aug 29 031 Aug 29 032 Aug 29 033 Aug 29 034 Aug 29 035 Aug 29 036 Aug 29 037 Aug 29 038 Aug 29 039 Aug 29 040Well I just got back from Sugar Lake . I took Ron and Dustin down for a two day trip. We could not have had better weather HOT and CALM. Just what you want when fishing Sugar Lake. We really smacked the big fish on this trip. On day one we boated 34 fish and our best five went 44 lbs anchored bay a 10 lb 7 oz brute. On day two we boated 40 fish our best five was 41 lbs anchored by a 10 lb 3 oz. Most of our fish were 5 pounds and up. I tried to keep count and I think we had 20 fish over 7 pounds. Our big 5 for the two day trip I do know we had 2 over 10 pounds and 3 over 9 pounds. I want to say something to some of my regular clients that have fished with me in the past . I am open damn near the whole month of Sept and with the fish that I am on right now and have been on for a while I can not believe  that I am not full for Sept. This time of year is as good as it gets, I need some trips . I have made a ton of trips to Sugar Lake since April and have had absolutely no trouble. So get in touch with me and lets go have fun like the ones that have been. I leave again in the morning with clients and this will be their third trip to Sugar  with me this year. Again I am sorry about all the pictures , but I culled all I could.

Aug 27, 2014

August 27th, 2014

Aug 27 001 Aug 27 002 Aug 27 003 Aug 27 004 Aug 27 005 Aug 27 006 Aug 27 007 Aug 27 008 Aug 27 009 Aug 27 010 Aug 27 011 Aug 27 012 Aug 27 014 Aug 27 015 Aug 27 016 Aug 27 017 Aug 27 018 Aug 27 019 Aug 27 020 Aug 27 021 Aug 27 022 Aug 27 023 Aug 27 026 Aug 27 027 Aug 27 028 Aug 27 029 Aug 27 030 Aug 27 031 Aug 27 032 Aug 27 033 Aug 27 034 Aug 27 035 Aug 27 036 Aug 27 037 Aug 27 038 Aug 27 039 Aug 27 040Just got back from a three day trip to Sugar Lake. I took Jerry for his very first time. I do not think he was disappointed. Jerry and I just flat out hammered them . The fun part is that we caught most all of them on cranks. Jerry and I boated 77 fish in three days and the great thing we did not have 10 fish under 5 lbs. Most of them were 6 to 8 lb 11 oz our biggest , but we had three over eight on day two. Jerry had not fished a crank very much, but he learned real fast how to land these mean fish , after he lost some big fish. Cranking is my favorite way to catch them and man was it fun. Since there was only two of us I got to fish quite a bit. Let me tell you if you like to catch quality fish like no where else than you really need to book a trip with me to Sugar Lake. If the weather is good I am going to smack them. This time of year is the best time to come , because it is hot and the wind most of the time is light and that is just what you want on Sugar Lake. I have Sept days wide open , so PLEASE give me a call or get in touch with me off my site. I leave for another two day trip in the morning so I will post another report Friday. Sorry about all the pictures I could not cull any more.