April 28, 2020

April 28th, 2020

I’m sitting here fixing to head out fishing with Reid and Tim. So I thought I would post what we did on Hubbard Creek last Sat. I took Reid and Jason out and we just had a blast. Reid’s first fish was his personal best a 5.79 and I had one right after that that went 5.52. We continued to just smash the fish. Reid got his second personal best later in the day that went 5.88. We finished the day about 4 pm with 44 fish. Not a bad day for the first time I had these tow guys in the boat.

April 17, 2020

April 17th, 2020

It has been a while since my last post. I spent all of March down at Falcon and would have stayed till May but they closed the lake on us. Most of the time while I was down, I ended up doing a complete remodel on the Old Bass Shack , that I used to rent out to my clients. Tim , Crawford and I completely gutted the shack and man did it turn out nice. It is amazing what money can do LOL. That being said I did fish a little . I think I went out 5 days during my 30 day stay. The fishing was up and down, but the last few days I was there as the water warmed up . Tim and I just hammered the fish. I am in Abilene now and have been here at the house for a week. I am going stir crazy as the weather has been to bad to do golf or fish. Wind and Cold. it was 33  here yesterday morning. Today it is 42 . I plan on going back to Falcon after they reopen here and do some more fishing , now that the Bass Shack is redone. Just to let some of you know I plan on doing some limited guide trips here in the Abilene area starting in May . Bass or Crappie. I just hammered the big crappie last year with my pan optics live unit. I have been using that for over a year now and have gotten pretty good at it. Come try it out with me and you will see for yourself how great a tool it its to have on your boat.

Feb 17, 2020

February 17th, 2020

I just got back from a trip to Lake Baccarac. We stayed at Los Torreones lodge. Let me tell you this is by far the best lake in the world right now , and that is saying a lot about this lake , because we did not hit the best of conditions. Baccaracc had just caught a bunch of water and some of the lake was muddy. the water temp was also low because of this . 66 tp 71 each day we fished. The Lodge is the best with the best boats and guides and great food and drink. I took Tim, Crawford, Wade, Dillon and Mike. Mike fished with me for two days and Tim fished with me for two also. Wade and Dillon fished together all four days. My best day was the second day as me and Mike caught 73 and had a 40 pound bag. Mike catching the biggest that day a 9.11. Crawford has his biggest day the last day catching a 40 pound bag as well. Wade took all our money with his biggest a 9.60. Bottom line we all caught a hell of a lot of quality fish on this trip. I have another trip slated for May the 5th thru the 10th . I have spots open as of now. Call me at 325 864-8001 ar better than that text me and I will for sure get back to you. Im tired from the travel so I just put up some of the pictures and a few are not on my format so that is why  they sideways.




Feb 3, 2020

February 3rd, 2020

It has been a while since I have done a trip on Falcon. Tony asked me to help him out with some guys from Cal. I had the pleasure to fish Mark and Harlin  for a few days. We did not have the weather and water temp I would have liked them to have , but we made the best of it and caught some fish . We boated about 30 fish and pictured above were some of our better fish. I really do not think we boated any fish under 3 pounds. We stayed deep all the time for 16 to 26 foot as that is were I have found the better fish for Bass Champs. I am headed to Choke Canyon tomorrow to see shat I can catch there. Falcon for the most part is fishing tough and I do not expect it to get much better until the water temp gets up 68 to 70 is where I think it needs to be for Falcon to get really good. The fish are in really great shape as there is for sure plenty for them to eat. I really enjoyed being on the water with these two. I showed them all of this lake during our time together.

Jan 31, 2020

January 31st, 2020

 I have been here on Falcon since the 1st of Jan with the exception of being on Baccarac for a week. Also I had a week off limits for Bass Champs. The weather has really been up and down and has got the fish in the I do not know what to do mood. I have had Tim with me all month and we have been out almost every day that we could. We have managed to at least catch a quality fish every day, but some days it has been a total grind. Bass Champs was held on the on the 18th and as you would expect we had a north wind. The difference then verses now is the water temp was better and the fish were a little more active. Kenneth and I had a good bag of fish that hit the scale at 24.91. All our fish were the same size , just about a 5 pound average. We boated 15 keepers that day and 11 of them were sisters. The pictures above are of a couple of the fish Tim and I caught . I have several more pictures I will put up later but I have not downloaded any more at this time and I am fixing to head to the lake . I will post later . I am going to Baccarac the 12th of Feb and I have one spot open if you want to come . let me know. Text me at 325-864-8001. This is going to be a slug fest on some big fish.

Jan 17 2022

January 17th, 2020

Well I know it has been forever since I have posted anything on my fishing report. I have been fishing a bunch. Tim and I have just hammered the Crappie this year and we are now down at my place on Falcon. We got here on the 1st of Jan and I plan on being here until about the 1st of March. I need to tell you about a trip that we just got back from and that was a 4 day fishing trip to Baccarac Lake in Mexico. This is the most pretty lake I have ever be on , and the fish was just great. Even though we hit a cold front we still caught the hell out of the fish and some big ones as well. You need to treat yourself to this wonderful lake. I now have a package deal. It is all inclusive and even includes your flight . Get in touch with me for all the details and dates available . I am going back the 12th for Feb for some more of the fantastic fun. My new phone number is 325 864 8001. Call or Text or email me . You do not want to miss this deal.

April 4, 2019

April 7th, 2019

Well I have been here in Zapata a week today. Even though I did not get on the water till Tuesday. The weather has been all over the chart with it as low as 44 and the high yesterday 92. The fish have been all over the page as well. Finally yesterday (Sat). I got on a pattern that was getting me a bite on almost every cast. This was due to the fish responding tp the sunny hot day, that they have not seen in a week. Before yesterday it had been a grind , but Tim and I caught a couple of big ones. , and managed 20 to 25 fish per day. Sat I fished by myself , as Tim had to go home. I had to call him and let him know what he missed. I have always said that these Falcon fish like it hot and did they ever respond yesterday. I caught 35 or so fish yesterday and my best five went an easy 34 pounds. Anchored by a 8.11 and a 9.13. These are the only two that I weighted. but I had two more around 6 and a couple more around 5 . the rest were just fun fish in the 2 to 4 pound range. I left them bitting as I had a few crappie in the box for supper . I will be out there again today. The bass pictured , weights are Tim 8.13 Tommy 10.73 , 9.13. The big crappie 2.74 and 2. 31.

Feb 25, 2019

February 25th, 2019

Well as I said . Sheretta and I were going to go out and do a little Crappie fishing. We got into them to say the least. The Boy went along , as he is just getting into fishing. He learned what was going on right off the batt, and he wore his little tail out today, as you can see by the picture. I have installed the new Panoptics Livescope on my boat. This thing is so good, at time it is unbelievable. We caught 20 slab crappie in just a couple of hours. The cool thing is that I saw everyone of them before we caught them and watched most of the eat the jig. I am still learning how to fine tune it , but on auto it is just pretty darn good. Next trip out we are going to go after the bass , We have plenty of fish in the box for now.

Feb 24, 2019

February 24th, 2019

Well the first Bass Champs is in the books. Jan on Amistad was canceled due to weather . This one was not much better wind wise, but it was what it was. North wind was predicted up to 30 MPH, but I do not think it got over 20 and it kinda laid about 1:30 so it made the run in better for some. Kenneth and I had to abandon our plan and resort to just go fishing and grind it out in some protected area.  We did not burn $5 worth of gas. We caught plenty of fish the problem all of them were just cookie cutter 4 pounders and we ended up with 19.23 for our best 5. That was good enough for 15th and a check. It took 34 and change to win and congrats to the winners. A good buddy of mine from Abilene got 2nd and big fish with 26 plus and a 10 lber for big bass and he also got the skeeter bonus of $3500. So they took a load of cash back to Abilene with them. There was a 151 teams fished this one and I am already planning to head to Amistad to get ready for the next one. Damn it sure is nice to have a boat again. Sheretta and I plan on staying here in Zapata for a few more days and chase the crappie around a little and maybe a bass or to. I will let you know how we do.

Feb 18 2019

February 18th, 2019

I just finished fishing a week on my old stomping grounds Falcon Lake. It was a up and down week as well . We saw 72 degree water when we started and two days later it was 59, and than back up to about 66 to 68 where we were fishing. The boat Tim and I bought ,worked to perfection and the electronics were just off the chart. This new Garmin Panoptics Livescope is everything advertised and then some. Tim is a friend of mine in Abilene that I play golf with and he wanted to learn more about fishing , especially bass fishing. So I told him we had to have a big bass boat to fish Falcon and Amistad. So we got a boat and here we are. As you can tell by the pictures , We caught a few nice fish and a bunch of big ass crappie. The crappie came on the two days that the water temp was low. I want to thank all of you that have contacted me about Guide Trips. I would love to take you out , but I am just not ready. First of all I do not really like to guide during Feb during the spawn, because the fish are just to unpredictable with the weather and the crowds that arrive here every year in Feb. I do plan on Guiding some , but only when I am on the and they are set on a deeper pattern. I have had a bunch of  you wanting to go, but as my regular clients always knew. Do not book a trip till May , June, July, Aug and Sept . If you want a better chance at catching a good number of big fish. That is when I will guide. Both Falcon and Amistad and Hubbard Creek. I will be off the water all week as I will Fish Bass Champs come Sat. with Kenneth.