June 30, 2015

June 30th, 2015

20150625_070959_resized20150626_164251_resizedWell Joe and I are on the last remodel before I return to Falcon to do my other job. This one is one I had to evict and man it was a mess. We as you can see in the pictures , it had a lot of shit in it. Plus these pigs that were in it destroyed to house from on end to the other . this one will take us a while . We spent 11 hours the first day just cleaning it out. 11 hours yesterday just replacing all the electrical they ripped out and today we will tackle the plumbing that they ripped out. They kicked holes in all the walls and left a pit bulldog in the house for the lasts week they were there and , well you just could not believe what damage that did. I did get them evicted and also on this one I filed charges for destruction of property as well. We plan on having this one finished by the end of the week and yes like all the others I have it rented already , to a very nice lady. I know that all my reports have been mostly about the estate , but I will be back to the fishing very shortly. Please bare with me , as you must know that this has to be done.

June 26, 2015

June 26th, 2015

20150624_180815_resized 20150624_180828_resizedWell three dumpsters full and 7 days of hard work Joe and I turned this disaster into a doll house. Joe and I have remodeled four homes in 30 days . When we first looked at this house , my first thoughts was to bulldoze it down, but they always look bad when they are full of trash and filth. I still can not understand people that have no pride and live like pigs. We start one more today that is another disaster and it will be the last one I do , so I can return to Falcon and do a little fishing. I am so ready to get back on the water. I hope my clients understand that I had to do this just to keep my Mom and Dads hard work to have this estate and bring it back to where it was while they were living. Like said my first love is Guiding and I am sorry it had to take a back seat for this adventure. I did probably loose some clients over this and I do thank the ones that are understanding. Most of this is behind me now and I will start to being more of a Fishing guided than a slum lord. Thanks .

June 23, 2015

June 23rd, 2015

20150616_173606_resized 20150622_154921_resizedWell I have been in Abilene since the 25th of May so just about a month. Joe ( my helper) and I are just about finished with our 4th remodel. I finally can see daylight. Picture is a dump full of stuff out of one of my houses that I evicted a tenant . The thing is that was dump number two. The other picture is the floor we laid in the kitchen and utility room. I had not planned to be in Abilene so long this trip, as I still have my guide trips to take care of. But this had to be done and I had to be here to do it. Thanks to the ones that I had to reschedule. I will be back to being a fishing guide come the 13th of July and I guide everyday till the 26th when I have to return back to Abilene. My schedule is really full with both worlds right now. But I do Have one day in July , July 20th is  open, and one day  in Aug. Aug the 13th is open. Sept is a little better as I have the 15th ,19th, 20th , 21st, 22nd, 23rd,24thm and 25th open. Most all my trips are on Sugar as it is a better bet for quality , but I still love to guide on Falcon as well if you are interested. Both lake are great, but Sugar is just flat better right now. Give Falcon a year or two and you will not have to go to Sugar for the quality. This note is for the ones that are going with me to Brazil , Peacock Trip. I need your Apps NOW as we need to get your flights BOOKED . The flights are low priced now and we need to get them booked. Call me and I can get you hooked up with the agent. Thanks from Your Fishing Guide and Slum Lord LOL.

June 13, 2015

June 13th, 2015

20150612_132906_resized 20150611_150329_resized 20150608_171844_resized 20150608_171915_resized 20150612_132144_resized 20150612_132328_resizedJust to let you know what we have been up to. First of all Sheretta and I were in Bandera yesterday to see a good friend and great man , Bob Stevens , laid to rest. Bob will be missed by everyone that had the pleasure knowing him. While we were in Bandera , by the looks of the picture above Sheretta has met a knew man. Being part Cherokee , I guess she was attracted to him. We did return to Abilene instead of Zapata, as I have a lot of unfinished business with the estate. I was to guide all next week on Sugar and Falcon, but thanks to some understanding clients I had to reschedule them. I sure do miss being on the water as of late , but this estate really needs my attention NOW. I posted a few pictures of some of the houses I am remodeling . The good thing is as soon as I have started these three , I have rented them so I have to get them ready.  I really enjoy the remodeling , but my first love is to Guide clients onto big fish and I promise you that as soon as I get this estate under control , that my butt will be back to the fishing . I gave up construction to do my love of fishing and guiding and please bear with me through this time and I will be back shortly. Falcon is in really great shape and in time it is going to be great again. Sugar on the other had has finally settled  down on the water intake and has dropped about 10 % and is going to be fantastic this summer.

June 10, 2015

June 10th, 2015

I am still in Abilene up to my elbows in work. Just wanted to let everyone know that we lost a great man yesterday. For the ones that knew Bob Stevens knew how great a man he was. Bob and I had some really great times on the water on Falcon and if I needed something , he always came through. He was a big man and even had a bigger heart. Bob fishing slowed down the last few years so he started making rods, to give him something to do , because he just had to stay busy. He made some really great rods and I am proud I have a few. I will retire them , because Bob is officially retired and in a better place today. We will all miss he dearly. How is the fishing up there Bob. I know that is what you are doing.

June 3, 2015

June 3rd, 2015

Just to let you know I am still in Abilene and will be here thru Sat. My days are very limited on the fishing trips , until I get this estate in order. I did want to let you know that I have a few dates open , if you want to go fishing. As last year I want to do all my trips on Sugar , because it is a lot better chance to catch quality fish. I will do trips on Falcon as well, and Falcon is good on numbers , but the consistant quality is just not there as of yet. Here are some dates I have open if you are interested on Fishing Sugar or Falcon. June if full , July 13, 20 , and 25th open . Aug 13, 22  open , Sept 14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25  open. With my busy schedule please book early . As I get this estate in order , it will open up my schedule even more. Also as most of you know I am doing Peacock trips to Brazil and our trips in Jan are full . For the ones going on this great trip I need your applications turned in. We are booking flights NOW .

May 29, 2015

May 29th, 2015

Still in Abilene at my other job. I have never seen it this wet in Texas in a long time. It has rained here everyday , as most of the state. Our lakes all over the state are in good shape and some are flooded to say the least . Texoma for one is about 27 foot over full and flooded. One lake up here in this country I am keeping an eye on. J. B . Thomas north west of Snyder is a lake I fished quit a bit in the 80,s as it had some of the best unknown bass fishing in the state. This lake has not had any water in it for years and years. In fact before all this rain it was less than 1 % . As of now it is nearly 80 % full and TPW has already restocked it from what I hear. As of now I guide on Falcon and Sugar over , and will continue to do so as long as I am able , but with some of my old home town lake getting full , I for sure will pull my boat back and forth and guide on some of these great lakes in the Abilene area that I grew up fishing . Work is going good up here and I plan on being able to head back down next week to get on Sugar for a few days before I start my guide trips . Sugar as you know is still way over full and I want to spend a few days scouting areas I have not been in for years. My calendar is nearly filled up thru Aug but I do have a few dates open . So If you want to go fishing get in touch with me .

May 22, 2015

May 22nd, 2015

May 22 001 May 22 002 May 22 003 May 22 004 May 22 005 May 22 006 May 22 007 May 22 008 May 22 009 May 22 010 May 22 011 May 22 012 May 22 013 May 22 014 May 22 015 May 22 016 May 22 017 May 22 018 May 22 019 May 22 020 May 22 023 May 22 024 May 22 025 May 22 026 May 22 027 May 22 028I just got back from Sugar I have been there since Monday. I had Ted and wife Dianna for the first three days and Jim and Wayne for one day and just Wayne for a half day today. The wind was just brutal the first Three days with Ted and Dianna , but we smacked some really good fish and Ted with the biggest with a 10 lb 1 oz pig. Ted and Dianna did very well for what we were up against and yes they lost a bunch of really good fish , but caught as good number of fish on day two and three after they got the hang of it after day one. Jimbo and Wayne were really on a good start Thursday and had 15 fish in the boat before 10 am and the mother of all storms hit. The storm beached us for about 3 hours and we did get back out for a few and ended the day with 23 fish. Jimbo had to leave last night so Wayne and I stayed and fished a half day today. the bite was really off today , so I headed to the bank and picked up a flipping rod and bam I caught three good fish , I am pictured with two of the three , the third one was about the same as the smaller one. The flipping bite was on, only one problem I could catch the heck out of them , but Wayne could not flip a lick , so after about 30 min I saw that I was the only one that was going to catch any that way so I went back off shore and we finished our day with just a few more small fish. Sugar is just catching a butt load of water , just look at the spillway in the pictures. they also have all the gates open at the outlet and it is still coming up. I leave for my other job Sun and will be back on Sugar about the 12th of June . I think it is going to be off the charts down there this summer.

May 17, 2015

May 18th, 2015

May 17 001 May 17 002 May 17 003 May 17 004 May 17 005 May 17 006 May 17 007 May 17 008Back from another trip to Sugar lake. It was just Tom and I for the two day trip. The wind was brutal for a day and a half . Finally about 1 pm today it just flat quit. We had a good trip catching 61 fish over the two days. I really did not get on my open water fish until 1:30 today , but as soon as the wind quit I busted out there and we caught 7 quality fish inn the hour and a half that we had left. I did catch some nice fish , about like what Tom is pictured with. I lost one today that for sure I would have taken a picture with I flipped right in the middle of a bush and showered down on a monster and got her up and out and in open water than she came off right at the boat. I got to look at her several times before she came off and she was in the 10 to 12 range . We lost several fish today that we did not see. I will be back to sugar in the morning and will be there for 5 days so I will post Friday eve. Check back and see how it goes.

May 15, 2014

May 15th, 2015

May 15 001 May 15 002 May 15 003 May 15 004 May 15 005 May 15 006 May 15 007 May 15 008Back from Sugar lake with Doug and Brent. Sugar lake is at a level that I have never seen before . It is 135% full and still coming up. If we got within a mile of the spill way we could hear the roar of the water going over it. Being said the fish are all over the chart. They are really scattered. We had quit a bit of wind to deal with , but we did and I pretty much fished where I wanted to. We boated 34 fish on the two day trip and had a few nice ones to boot. Doug and Brent learned the hard way as to how strong these fish are as between the two of them they broke off 8 fish in open water. They said as most do that these Sugar fish are the meanest in the world. Doug had the biggest landed on the trip with a 8 lb 4 oz and his personal best. Like everyone I take to Sugar they fell in love with the place. the place is just a great place to go and the fishing just is a part of it. I will be back there in the morning with Tom. Tom has been to Sugar twice with me and hit a bad north cold front both time. It looks like that will not be the deal this time. I figured out a deep bite on Sugar and there is still a flipping bite as well. I did not flip on this trip but about 30 min and caught four fish, three in the 5 to 6 pound range. I just felt it was best to stay deep with Doug and Brent. I for one really like to see a lake full , but damn Sugar needs to quit gaining and settle down a little . I will post Sun eve and let you know how Tom and I do.