Nov 21, 2014

November 21st, 2014

Nov 21 004 Nov 21 005I just got back from Sugar Lake I had Justin for the first two days and than I had Larry and Jim Bob today. The lake is overflowing with water as it is going over the spillway. Justin and I hit the water Wed and found the water temp 61 degrees Today when I got off the lake it was a whopping 64.4 degrees. Sugar Lake fished as tough as I have ever seen her. My total fish in the boat for three days was 27 fish and only one worthy of a picture and I caught her the first day. I had not been on Sugar since the 5th of this month and that was the first of three big fronts we have seen. With the high water and cold water , fishing is great but the catching was not. Do not fear as Sugar will be back very very soon. As soon as she levels out and the water temp climbs back in a few days,  it will be back to the Sugar Lake we have seen all year. Basically  the air temp was ok but we did not get any sunshine these past three days that is why the water temp stayed so low. Thanks to the guys I had this trip , we still had a good time and had some great food.

Nov 18, 2014

November 18th, 2014

I will be on my way to Sugar lake in the morning. I picked up a trip for wed, thur and friday. I will fish one client the first two days and another client friday. I really look foward to get back on Sugar lake . The lake is setting at 125% full and the water temp has really dropped . It will be a hunt for sure , but I expect to find them. This lake is really big with all this water and there is a ton of cover in the lake now. The weather is just going to get better as the week goes on. I will do a full report when I get back Friday eve, unless I end up staying till Sun . Anyway check in for a report on Friday night and if there is not one than you know I went fishing.

Nov 17, 2014

November 17th, 2014

Sitting here absutley bored to say the least. We are in the middle of another colf front. Today is just the 17th of November and we have already had 3 nasty cold fronts the first one this month was on the 4th . That is three in just 13 days . I really hope this is not the pattern for this year. I also notice that we have caught about 4 feet of water since Sept. That is really good. We just need this weather to be nice to us. I as you know had a trip this past Friday and we really smacked some fish. Even though the water temp had fell to 61 to 64 degrees these fish did bite. As I have been saying in my reports Falcon is well on it’s comeback road and will continue to get better and better. At least now you can catch a good number of fish on most all days unless the wind keeps you off. Falcon is loaded with 1 to 4 pound fish and you still can get that big bite or two on most days. You just need to lay the small stuff down and fish for that bigger bite , during the day. If you stick with it , most of the time it will pay off. I am starting to book some trips in Dec and Feb but still have way to many days open that I need to fill up. As of now I do not have another trip booked in Nov and man this is a great month for Falcon and Sugar as these fish felling the co9ld weather will feed up for the upcomming winter and spawn. I plan on staying here for Thanksgiving just to be ready to take someone out. If you are worried about booking and the weather truning bad, I will refund any deposit or reschedule your trip if the weather looks bad. I know that we are going to get some nice weather soon. So get in touch with me and lets get a day booked.

Nov 14, 2014

November 14th, 2014

Nov 14 001 Nov 14 002 Nov 14 005 Nov 14 006Man It was a cold start this morning . I took out a client and he ask me not to post his name or his picture. So that is why there are just pictures of me and a client without a head LOL. It was a great day for numbers , and that was a pleasant surprise as the water temp starting  out was a chilly 61 degrees. We caught 31 fish today and no giants , but really not very many dinks as well. Most all our fish were just nice 2 to 4 pounders. We fished from the county ramp to the tigers and back and pretty much caught fish everywhere we fished. All our fish came on plastics . I did throw a crank and a jig , but the plastic was the bite today. I keep saying Falcon is on its way back ,  Falcon is loaded with 2 to 4 pound fish and they will grow up fast. I still have most of Nov open and plan on staying here to be ready to fish Thanksgiving week , So if you want to give Falcon or Sugar lake a try get in touch with me. I talked to two other guides out on the water today and they too were smacking the fish. All is well on Falcon.

Nov 12, 2014

November 12th, 2014

Jay and I went out yesterday , ahead of the front to do some more scouting . Our goal was to cover as much water as we could before the front blew us off. Falcon right now is in transition as I write . The shad movement is starting and it would not surprise me if everything transitions toward the backs of the pockets. Folks it is mid Nov already and these big girls will start to stage up very shortly. They will start to feed up heavy getting ready for the spawn. I have see the spawn start here on Falcon in Dec , several times. Last year was a good example of that. If you will look back in my fishing reports for last Nov, Dec and Jan you will see that I was on a Spawn and pre spawn pattern. Now lets me talk to you about guides on Falcon, or Sugar Lake. Most all of us guides here on Falcon are just trying to hang on during this slow time here on Falcon. Those of you that came down and fished Falcon 2008 thru 2012 just absolutely got spoiled. Falcon was insane at that  time. Falcon is going thru one of it’s cycles right now and we have got way past the worst of it. Falcon is fishing a lot better and It is still way better than most any lake in the country. Sugar lake is also going thru the same kind of cycle , the deal with Sugar It has been at a better level than Falcon and is a step or two ahead of Falcon right now. Both Lakes will just get better and better until one year they start to cycle again, that is just the way nature works. I know that fishing Falcon and Sugar might be a little bit of a challenge right now , but to me this is the best part about Fishing . I for one enjoy the challenge of Fishing . It is kinda like golf . You can not shoot 60 every time . We tend to forget what normal is like when you have a year on Falcon like 2011 was . I have fished Falcon for 43 years now and there has been only a few years like that. Yesterday to me was just as much fun to me , when Jay and I went fishing . We both knew where we could catch some fish, so we did not fish there, We went fishing and checking and figuring them out and it was very rewarding. I have always preached , fish something and somewhere different , that is the only way you will get better. How many of you play golf and have never broke 80 , You have to change and do something different if that is the case. All this said the Guides around here need work . I know for a fact that most of us will work our butts off to get you on fish. I am still taking Falcon and Sugar trips as of now. I have most of Nov and Dec open as of now. I will be here Thanksgiving week as well. I promise you that we will have a great day Fishing and more than likely we will do some catching as well.

Nov 9, 2014

November 9th, 2014

Nov 9 002 Nov 9 003 Nov 9 004 Nov 9 006I was a special day for me. My son Colten  lives in Abilene and he had to go to San Antonio for a test for his parametic  training. He drove in last night , to visit us for today . After he woke up late this morning , because he did not get here till about 2 am , he wanted to go out for a couple of hours . We hit the lake about 10:30 and we were on fish right from the get go. Colten had not fished in several years , but he still had the touch. What made it really special, he caught an absolute pig. 8 lb 4 oz to be exact. The only thing about living and working down here I do not get the time to spend with the kids that I would like to. Both Colten and Morgan love to fish. We really got some quality time on the water today even though we only fished till 1 pm as he had to get back to Abilene. He boated 7 fish to my 3 fish today. Colten is such a blessing.

Nov 8, 2014

November 8th, 2014

Nov 8 001 Nov 8 002 Nov 8 003 Nov 8 004I took out Larry today for a Falcon Lake Guide Trip. It was nice to be on Falcon again. It was a little cool this morning but it got real nice today. Being it was Sat and nice the lake was a little crowded today. I put in at the county ramp and fished our way to the dam and back. We pretty much caught fish on every stop. Larry boated somewhere around 20 fish today and I caught a few as well. I did catch a nice fish not pictured that went about 4.5 pounds. Most of our fish were in the 1 to 3 pound range , but we did have some  nice fish today. Two of the bigger fish came on the Med diving crank bait and the biggest one came on the Tx rig. I really enjoyed the trip with Larry today , I seem to have next week off . I sure could use a trip this week as the weather looks great until later in the week. I checked on the water level on Sugar Lake today and she sits at 122% and still coming up. I wish Falcon would do that.

Nov 6, 2014

November 6th, 2014

Nov 6 839 Nov 6 840 Nov 6 841 Nov 6 842 Nov 6 843 Nov 6 844 Nov 6 845 Nov 6 846 Nov 6 847 Nov 6 848 Nov 6 849 Nov 6 850I ujst got back from Sugar Lake. Wow what a nasty day and a half of crapy weather. We got in about 4 hours the fisrt day before all hell broke loose. The wind hit out of the north, but at least it did not rain on us the first day. Today it was a little differant , WET and WINDY. I had the pleasure of fishing four really nice guys. Justin and David fished with me on day one and we boated 17 fish for our efforts. Day two I fished Larry and Bill and we boated 16 today for our efforts and called it quits at 1:30 pm. We were wet , cold and wind blown. They still loved Sugar lake and we had a chance at one or two big ones . They are already making plans on comming back but it will June , July or Aug. This time of year can be great but you need the weather to be nice to you. As always the food and stay was great. They all agreed that the Mexican meal we had last night was the best they had ever had , and I do have to agree with them , it is that good. Sugar lake is at 118 % full and still lots of water comming down the chain. This lake is going to be unbeleivable .

Nov 5, 2014

November 5th, 2014

I am off to Sugar Lake this morning. I have a group of four . Carlos will be helping me with this trip. Looks like we are going to catch some nasty weather to fish these guys in. I do not mind the rain , but it is the north wind that is very tough to deal with on Sugar Lake. Sugar lake is over the spillway and still catching water. It is going to be interesting on how Carlos and I do this trip. After this little front gets past , the weather looks great for the next week. I have a trip on  Falcon Sat and I have Sunday thru wed open for business. Looks like it is going to be nice and a great time to go fishing. I will post on how our trip goes come thur eve.

Nov 2, 2014

November 2nd, 2014

I have been off since Friday due to a last min cancelation. I went out Sat on Falcon just to put some time in . I spent most of the day north and mainly in the Salado. The water in the Salado is really off colored to dirty . I started out with a spinnerbait to cover some water. I got a big thump on about the fifth cast so I threw right back in there and bam I got a good one on and to the boat and my spinnerbait broke and I lost her. I spent about three hours in the Salado and had three fish for my efforts. I pulled out and went south to Blanco and checked out some of the stuff out front along the river and caught one there. I then went to the mouth of Coyottes and caught one there. That is as far as I made it South. My last few trips on Falcon I have been fishing Tigers and South and have caught several fish on these trips , but I just had to see for myself how the north end ,expecially the Salado and for me I beleive the South end is fishing the best. Falcon is fishing fair , but still needs these fish to grow up a little . There is a great number of 1 to 2 pound fish in Falcon right now, so she will be good in the future. I am still focusing most of my trips to Sugar Lake this year and next year , as It is ahead of Falcon on the quality fish. I have most of Nov open after the first week so if you want to give Sugar a try get in touch with me. Sugar lake as I write is 113% full . It is over the spillway and with all this water the fish have scatted all over the water colume. It is still fishing good enought that it is for sure worth the trip.