May 22, 2015

May 22nd, 2015

May 22 001 May 22 002 May 22 003 May 22 004 May 22 005 May 22 006 May 22 007 May 22 008 May 22 009 May 22 010 May 22 011 May 22 012 May 22 013 May 22 014 May 22 015 May 22 016 May 22 017 May 22 018 May 22 019 May 22 020 May 22 023 May 22 024 May 22 025 May 22 026 May 22 027 May 22 028I just got back from Sugar I have been there since Monday. I had Ted and wife Dianna for the first three days and Jim and Wayne for one day and just Wayne for a half day today. The wind was just brutal the first Three days with Ted and Dianna , but we smacked some really good fish and Ted with the biggest with a 10 lb 1 oz pig. Ted and Dianna did very well for what we were up against and yes they lost a bunch of really good fish , but caught as good number of fish on day two and three after they got the hang of it after day one. Jimbo and Wayne were really on a good start Thursday and had 15 fish in the boat before 10 am and the mother of all storms hit. The storm beached us for about 3 hours and we did get back out for a few and ended the day with 23 fish. Jimbo had to leave last night so Wayne and I stayed and fished a half day today. the bite was really off today , so I headed to the bank and picked up a flipping rod and bam I caught three good fish , I am pictured with two of the three , the third one was about the same as the smaller one. The flipping bite was on, only one problem I could catch the heck out of them , but Wayne could not flip a lick , so after about 30 min I saw that I was the only one that was going to catch any that way so I went back off shore and we finished our day with just a few more small fish. Sugar is just catching a butt load of water , just look at the spillway in the pictures. they also have all the gates open at the outlet and it is still coming up. I leave for my other job Sun and will be back on Sugar about the 12th of June . I think it is going to be off the charts down there this summer.

May 17, 2015

May 18th, 2015

May 17 001 May 17 002 May 17 003 May 17 004 May 17 005 May 17 006 May 17 007 May 17 008Back from another trip to Sugar lake. It was just Tom and I for the two day trip. The wind was brutal for a day and a half . Finally about 1 pm today it just flat quit. We had a good trip catching 61 fish over the two days. I really did not get on my open water fish until 1:30 today , but as soon as the wind quit I busted out there and we caught 7 quality fish inn the hour and a half that we had left. I did catch some nice fish , about like what Tom is pictured with. I lost one today that for sure I would have taken a picture with I flipped right in the middle of a bush and showered down on a monster and got her up and out and in open water than she came off right at the boat. I got to look at her several times before she came off and she was in the 10 to 12 range . We lost several fish today that we did not see. I will be back to sugar in the morning and will be there for 5 days so I will post Friday eve. Check back and see how it goes.

May 15, 2014

May 15th, 2015

May 15 001 May 15 002 May 15 003 May 15 004 May 15 005 May 15 006 May 15 007 May 15 008Back from Sugar lake with Doug and Brent. Sugar lake is at a level that I have never seen before . It is 135% full and still coming up. If we got within a mile of the spill way we could hear the roar of the water going over it. Being said the fish are all over the chart. They are really scattered. We had quit a bit of wind to deal with , but we did and I pretty much fished where I wanted to. We boated 34 fish on the two day trip and had a few nice ones to boot. Doug and Brent learned the hard way as to how strong these fish are as between the two of them they broke off 8 fish in open water. They said as most do that these Sugar fish are the meanest in the world. Doug had the biggest landed on the trip with a 8 lb 4 oz and his personal best. Like everyone I take to Sugar they fell in love with the place. the place is just a great place to go and the fishing just is a part of it. I will be back there in the morning with Tom. Tom has been to Sugar twice with me and hit a bad north cold front both time. It looks like that will not be the deal this time. I figured out a deep bite on Sugar and there is still a flipping bite as well. I did not flip on this trip but about 30 min and caught four fish, three in the 5 to 6 pound range. I just felt it was best to stay deep with Doug and Brent. I for one really like to see a lake full , but damn Sugar needs to quit gaining and settle down a little . I will post Sun eve and let you know how Tom and I do.

May 13, 2015

May 13th, 2015

I am headed back to Falcon today and will be on Sugar lake early Thursday morning for a 10 day run on Sugar Lake. Sugar is still flooded , but I expect to get a better off shore bite this time around. Like I said I will be on Sugar for 10 days , but with three different groups so I will be posting between trips. My first post on Sugar will be Friday eve and I know a lot of you want to see what is going on down on Sugar. Be sure and check out my report come Friday. This weather this year just will not give it up as it is in the 50’s here in Abilene . It is the middle of May is it not.

May 8, 2015

May 8th, 2015

Wow it has been a while since I have posted. Just to let you know what is going on. This trip is the one that I had to do the closing on the estate. My lawyer and I have be up to our elbows trying to get all the paper work ready to close. With 64 separate properties to get ready, well just to say the least I have not had time to do anything else. I did have to bump my Tuesday and Wed trip to Sugar as we had to bump the closing to Monday. Finally we do have it ready to close. My Sugar trips will start bright and early Thursday and I will be on Sugar lake for 10 straight days. Once I have this estate deal behind me and in control . I will be able to do more and more trips. But right now this thing is a mess and I will be well ______ and elbows for the next few months. Just another reminder about the Peacock Trips. I still have a few spots left on the third boat and I did have one spot for a couple open up on the first boat . At $3995 all inclusive except flight , you can not get this great of a trip for any less. Also for the ones that are booked I need your forms now. If you do not have a form , contact me so I can get you one. We have the flights with AA on hold, but we have to book them shortly.

April 27, 2015

April 27th, 2015

April 24 003April 24 002April 23 007April 23 005April 23 001April 22 001April 20 003April 20 001April 18 001April  16 001April 14 004April 14 006April 14 002April 9 003April 9 002I am at my other job in Abilene, but just wanted to do a recap on my trips the last week on Falcon. Falcon as you know is fishing tough as nails right now, due to the rising water, cool wet weather and other post span transition periods that are going on. I had to cover and fish all types of water just to catch a few good ones each day. There is no problem catching a butt load of fish the problem is trying to locate the bigger bite. These pictures are just some of the fish that you come to Falcon for. My last three or four days I fished mostly deeper for that better fish . There again covering loads of water as I do not feel the fish are set anywhere in numbers yet , they are still just roaming around looking for that summer home . I did get a little better on the quality bit when we started getting some hot weather. I will be back to fishing come the 12th and all my trips are on Sugar . I can not wait because I expect the fish to be out down there and plan on getting them deep. As you know Bass Champs is in the books and by the looks of it , it was very tough on them. They had a great weather day to fish, and 23 pounds for 5 won. I think this is probably the lowest winning weight in the history in a Bass Champs tournament on Falcon. I really want to thank the guys that gave me the chance to fish with them this last week or so.

April 25, 2015

April 25th, 2015

Out with Kevin and Sam today. Today was Bass Champs tournament so we knew the lake was going to be busy. Other than a spot or two , we were able to get on some spots I wanted to fish. We had one heck of a day on numbers , boating 31 fish today. The only problem with this we did not have a single fish out of 31 over 3 pounds. Now we finally had our chance today around 2 pm I pulled up on a hump and Sam got a big girls on that was ripping drag and just came off. Two cast later he sets the hook on another and pulls a 5 pounder to the surface and she comes off. this was just a start of our missed opportunities . The next place we hit Sam looses another fish in the 4 to 5 pound range on the crank bait at the boat. Kevin decides to pick up a crank and bam fish on and he loses a 4 pounder at the boat. A few cast later he gets another good fish on and all the sudden she comes off and all he has left is the bill part of his crank on his line . this fish , another quality fish jumped around trying to free the other part of the crank. We were just snake bit at this point, well they were as I was just sitting in the boat and watching  what was going on.  These two guys were good fisherman and great to be out in the boat with. No big string for us , but plenty of action. I leave for Abilene in the morning to my other job, I will still keep in touch and report what I find out. I am looking forward to May as I have all my trips on Sugar starting the 12th . I still have some days open in June so if you want to catch some big fish on sugar or Falcon this is the month to come.

April 24, 2015

April 24th, 2015

April 24 001 April 24 002 April 24 003 April 24 004Took out Allen and Gary today. With the forecast of stiff South winds today I drove and put in at the State Park. We did have a window of calm this morning and we took advantage of it. We were on fish from yesterday’s knowledge. We caught them pretty good , but once the wind got up it was over for us as we lost our bite. Gary broke a giant off at the boat and Allen did not get a big one today. I will be at it again tomorrow and with Bass Champs in town it is going to be fun. Looks like I will be on the water early tomorrow. We fished till 2 pm today and loaded it up as the had a long drive ahead of them and really did not want to fight the wind.

April 23, 2015

April 23rd, 2015

April 23 001 April 23 002 April 23 003 April 23 004 April 23 005 April 23 006 April 23 007 April 23 008Out with Andrew today for his last day of six and man did he go out with a bang. We hammered the fish today and had a really good stringer helped by Andrew’s 8 lb 1 oz kicker. I am not going to say much, because of Bass champs , but  I will say we did not flip today. We boated 35 fish today and Andrew had most of them because when I found them I did not fish much. It is just amazing what heat will do to this lake. These fish have not seen the sun much this month and when they did they reacted big time. I will be at it again tomorrow, Hope it is hot.

April 22, 2015

April 23rd, 2015

April 22 001 April 22 002Out with Andrew for his fifth day with me. Today was the best weather day finally after about 1 pm . The only problem with today was that we had a slow go at it this morning before it started to warm up and the fish started to react to the warm up and I had boat trouble. Truck broke down Friday and Boat today. I would have liked to stay out later today as it finally really go nice, go figure. The good news I called Zapata Marine and they told me to bring the boat by. We found the problem right away and they stayed and got me fixed , knowing my situation about needing to be back on the water tomorrow. This will be Andrew’s last day to fish with me and we will be busing our butts trying to get some big fish. We have caught plenty of fish , today we want some big girls. Thanks again to Zapata Marine for the quick fix . If you need boat service , try these guys out . they have a great service man.