Dec 21, 2014

December 21st, 2014

20141220_181854_resizedHere in Abilene spending some great time with my family and friends. Pictured is my daughter Morgan and grandbaby Brielle . We had our big Christmas get together last night and All the Family was there . I am still stuffed with all kinds of good food and goodies. Played golf with the big group at Fairway Oaks yesterday and left there with my tail between my legs. We played from the tips and wow that course is long. It was cold and the greens were like putting on concrete as they were so fast I never could get that speed dialed in. Today I will play Diamondback with my friends and hope to fair a little better today. This course is not as long and the greens are fast but not like yesterday. I plan on returning back to Zapata the 26th as I have a trip on the 27th. I still do not have a trip for the 28th and 29th and sure could use one before I leave on the 31st to Brazil. If you want to give Falcon a try with me , please get in touch with me for the 28th or 29th. Falcon has been good to me the last 3 or 4 times out.

Dec 19, 2014

December 19th, 2014

I am headed out for my Christmas break. I found out yesterday that my Email has been hacked or something and I am able to receive your emails, I have responded to all of them , but my outgoing replys are not being received. So I am soory if you have not been replied to. I have the problem being looked into and hope to have it fixed soon. If you have emiled me and I have not responded and you still need something please call me on my phone at 325-439-6045. Sorry for the problem and I know it has cost me, but hopefully the ones that wanted a gift certificate or book a trip have not given up and we can still get it worked out. Remember I still have the 28th and 29th of Dec open.

Dec 18, 2014

December 18th, 2014

Well I am of for Christmas to go see the family . I will be back thye 26th as I have a trip the 27th. I still have the 28th and 29th open if you want to come fish, I will be here and the long term forcast looks good. Falcon is really good on the numbers with a few quality fish mixed in. Jay and Tony and I went out for a few hours today just checking water , until the weather started getting nasty. I caught two really nice fish and Jay took the pictures so hope he will post them on his site. Speaking of Jay , He will be happy to take you out while I am gone so give him a call 956-754-0626 or check his site out He will work his tail off for you . Thanks to everyone I had the pleasure to fish with this year and hope you are like I am , ready to do it again soon. I still am doing trips this year on Both Falcon and Sugar , so book early and get your dates set. I look for this year to be a great one. Sugar will be back on the agenda very soon so I will let you know when that happens. As of right now I am only doing Falcon trips. I have my Brazil trip starting Jan 1st and will be there until the 17th . After that , I will be on Falcon or Sugar allmost every day.

Dec 16, 2014

December 16th, 2014

Dec 16 001 Dec 16 002 Dec 16 003 Dec 16 004 Dec 16 005 Dec 16 006Wow did Falcon Save my @ss on this three day trip. I had Gary and Floyd , regular Sugar Lake clients book me for three days on Sugar . Sunday and Monday The weather was great and we just could not catch a fish on Sugar. This lake is catching a massive amount of water and is flowing over the spillway. and it has the whole lake from top to bottom messed up. After the two days and only a handful of fish to show for our hard work, I told them that we could do better on Falcon and lets do the last day there. Well that is what we did and then I pick them up and the North wind is just howling. I ask them if they wanted to go and they were up for it. That was a good move as we just whacked the fish today , boating 48. Now we did not have any big girls , but we caught some nice fish . Floyd was on fire as he boated 23 of them. We did not travel far form the county ramp and from the looks of things we were the only boat on the water. These two guys , just flat out love to fish and have had some great trips with me on Sugar lake , but they worked their butts off and with no complaints and had a great time on the water today. They are already planning another trip in Jan. As for Sugar lake, I will not guide there , till the lake settles down on the water flow . Falcon is a better choice right now as I have really done well on the action and numbers this week. Sugar will be back to its greatness when the water is stable, and I will let you know as soon as she does.

Dec 13, 2014

December 13th, 2014

Yea, I get to go to Sugar lake tomorrow. Gary and  Floyd gave me a call and wanted to do a three day trip on Sugar. This will be Gary’s third trip and Floyd’s second. We will have a little wind to deal with tomorrow , but Monday looks great and Tuesday a little cooler but ok. I will post on how it goes come Tuesday eve. I still have Wed the 17th and Thurs the 18th open if anyone wants to go fishing. Falcon is spitting out good numbers of fish and the weather looks ok. Wed I had a trip on Falcon and we boated 37 and Sat I went out by myself and boated about 40. I will be off for Christmas from the 19th until the 27th . I have only the 28th open to fish. As I guide the 27, 29 and 30th before I leave on my Peacock trip to Brazil . I want to bring up my Christmas Special gift certificates for the last time before they end Christmas day. This is a once a year deal and whether you want to get one for a gift or just get one for later use, to save a bunch of money. If you are planning to fish with me on Falcon or Sugar this coming year , jump on this deal and save some money. The certificates are good for one year from date of purchase and you can book at anytime. You can also buy multiple days and split them up over different months . All the details are posted on an earlier fishing report , just scroll down and find it. I will be out of touch other than text message , but I will be back Tuesday eve. I will let you know how we do on my report then.

Dec 12, 2014

December 12th, 2014

20141212_093847_resized 20141212_134523_resized 20141212_144620_resized 20141212_144625_resized 20141212_144708_resized 20141212_152649_resized 20141212_152656_resizedI went out by myself to do a little scouting today. I had a heck of a day catching over 40 fish today. I was by myself so I had to take selfies . My plan was to fish till noon , but I was having so much fun I stayed out till 3:30. I stayed on the north end of the lake , most all day in the Salado. At one time today I got on a hugh school of fish and I got a bite 17 cast in a roll. I did not land but 12 of them, but I did get bit. I caught fish on cranks , both shallow and deep and a ton of fish on the texas rig and I flipped some nice fish as well. I am off tomorrow , but I picked up a three day trip to Sugar Lake starting Sunday. I only have two days left before I leave for Christmas the 17th and `18th that I can fish . So give me a call or Text me as I will not have my computer with me at Sugar lake Sun thru Tues.

Dec 10, 2014

December 10th, 2014

Dec 10 006Dec 10 005Dec 10 004Dec 10 003Dec 10 002Dec 10 001Took out David today. It was sure nice to work on Falcon again. David had never seen Falcon before . I told him that he was going to see the whole lake today as I put in at the county and fished all the way down and back. We had a good numbers day as we boated 36 fish for our efforts. We had a chance at 4 big fish today. It was just one of them days the big ones won. I got my A– handed to me on our first stop. This spot is one that I found while scouting Sat and had a heavy 6 pounder off of it. Well it is holding some big girls but they are hard to get out. We took a few pictures just to show what we were catching. No big ones , but still nice fish. If you have not seen my Christmas Special scroll on down to my last post and check it out. Now is the time to save some money if you are planning on coming to Falcon or Sugar next year. I still have some spots open for fishing before I leave for Christmas break, so get in touch with me if you want to go , I will be ready.

Christmas Special

December 7th, 2014

Dec 7 001I am going to offer a Christmas gift special from now until Christmas day. These gift certificates will be for 1 up to 5 days . The more days you buy the better the price will get. The 1 day on Falcon and the 2 day on Sugar will remain at regular price . 1 day on Falcon $400 and 2 day on Sugar $1000. The deals will be on multiple day certificates . So here are the once a year specials. 2 days on Falcon $700, 3 days on Falcon $1000. 4 days on Falcon $1300. 5 days on Falcon $1600. 3 days on Sugar $1300. 4 days on Sugar $1700. and 5 days on Sugar $2000. Whether you want to buy a certificate for a gift or just planning on coming to fish with me on Falcon or Sugar. Plan ahead and save a ton of money. A certificate is good for one year from date of purchase and you can book your dates at any time. Even my regular clients should take advantage of this deal. Merry Christmas.

Dec 6, 2014

December 6th, 2014

20141206_080202_resized 20141206_080212_resizedAs promised I would post again today after I got off the water. I went to the county ramp today to put in and Matt (pictured) was there fixing to put in so I invited him to go with me ,as we were both by ourselves . It just made since to share the gas today as we were both just checking out some water today. I wanted to run and gun all the way to the Dam and back and that is what we did. My first stop was a good one as Matt connected on this nice heavy 6 pounder right off the bat. I got one on and she came off. Matt hooked up with another quality fish and she came off. We left at that point as I was just checking spots for my up coming trip. First stop 4 bites so I felt pretty good about the spot. Our next couple of spots we did not do as well. So on south we headed. We fished spot after spot and did get several bites but no quality fish. We made it all the way south by Noon and  we headed back North again. I had a spot that I felt like we would get a big fish on and so I headed for it. I lined Matt up and told him that he might get a good one on there. Matt made a cast and missed one on his first cast. About three cast later he laid into one and she bowed his rod over and broke him off . I caught a pretty nice fish a little after that. Did we catch a ton of fish and a big stringer , No we did not , but Falcon is still alive and well and If you work and grind ,you most likely will have a good day. It was really nice to be on the water today.

Dec 6, 2014

December 6th, 2014

Checking the extended forecast , it looks like a good chance of rain come Monday thru Wed of this coming week. , but Thur Dec 11th thru the 18th looks very good with 70 degree plus days with sunshine. This time of year that is what you want to happen To get these fish fired up. This should heat the water temp back up form a low of 60 degrees that we have already experienced . I am open and ready to go fishing during that period , before I take my Christmas break starting the 18th . I will return back to Zapata on the 26th and I have a trip on the 27th , but I still have the 28th and 29th and 30th open , before I leave out on the 31st for my Peacock Bass trip to Brazil . I also want to mention that the Bass Shack is open for rent to anyone coming down and would like a great safe place to stay while fishing Falcon. this place is set up great to handle up to 6 people and is way better that a motel. I will be on the water all day today so I will post later on how that goes. Falcon is still inching up a little each day and we are at 271.97 as I write. Sugar is holding a 124% and I do not see it getting below this for a while as the lake that feeds it is at 112% as well. Fishing report later today.